TechSpot's Holiday Gift Guide 2010

It’s mid-November already, the holidays are quickly approaching and like every year you want to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you are reading this, chances are someone on your list is a ‘techie’, gadget freak, or simply one who enjoys tinkering with the latest technology. Before you hit the nearest electronics shop or head online to your favorite e-tailer for some shopping, check out our shortlist on some the hottest items for tech fans this year.

Just like in previous years we’ve thoughtfully compiled a list of technology toys, utilities and gadgets from least to most expensive. Whether you’re looking to keep your spending in check or going all out and buying that big bad LCD you’ve been gazing at, we hope you’ll find this guide handy.

The basics -- Gifts less than $150 Taking it up a notch -- Gifts $300 to $600
Upping the ante -- Gifts $150 to $300 Beyond gadgets -- Gifts more than $600

Read: TechSpot Holiday Gift Guide 2010

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Some of these are really awesome. My friends will love some of this stuff, especially those laptops. Pretty affordable, too.

I already got one gift fairly early from a friend: an online gift card for a vacation rental from Pretty useful, actually.

Don't get me wrong im not an android fanboy or even an apple fanboy, but the

Galaxy is lighter but over half pound which is quite noticeable, its got a camera not always useful i know but if u want it its there. A lot of people are not swoon by the fact its an apple product and there for must have it. there's loads of reason for getting a something over Something else at the end of the day its Personal preference what you can afford and what you want!

Like I personally will be getting the Blackberry Playbook. I'm getting sick and tired of people bashing products saying you shouldn't get this you should get that instead its better.

I imagine many people will buy it to take a stance against Apple and their attempts to redefine the web by destroying Flash. I know that I don't want to support Apple, especially with how restrictive their products are.

Sheogorath said,
Razer Mamba is a may be...

Mamba is nice. I got one last christmas. I typically leave it corded, as my USB ports power down and then the battery doesn't charge.