TechSpot's Smartphone Buying Guide: Q4 2011 Update

Smartphone manufacturers are bringing out the big guns as we move into the final months of the year. While much of the attention will undoubtedly center on Apple's new iPhone 4S, Android fans are spoilt for choice this holiday season and Android 4.0 (code-named Ice Cream Sandwich) is expected to arrive any time now.

We also have high hopes for Microsoft's renewed mobile platform, but are still waiting for the latest Mango-powered hardware to hit U.S. shores. In particular, Nokia's first Windows Phone devices. Notably absent from this update are webOS devices. RIM's BlackBerry devices have also failed to impress lately, so you will note the company is represented by a single model, the BlackBerry Bold 9930.

Without further ado, check out our selection of the hottest devices currently out there. Each phone is listed alongside its feature highlights, specs and prices, broken down in three categories depending on its time of release. We've added metascores from our Product Finder engine besides each phone to further aid you in making well-informed decisions on your next purchase.

Read: TechSpot's Smartphone Buying Guide - Q4 2011 Update
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When they list the "standby time" ... what exactly does this entail; what settings are they testing the phone under to determine this? No apps, extras or anything else running?

I've spent the morning - in fact, the past few weeks - sat at my desk thinking, "do I really want a Samsung Galaxy S II?" This review/guide appears to have been a sign, so I'm going to go and pick one up after work.

Uhh if you compare the phones right on top, which looks better? iPhone? HTC or Motorola?

iPhone looks better in terms of simplicity, elegant and easy to use. Apple products are always toys in terms of simplicity, elegant and ease of use.


Chica Ami said,
Uhh if you compare the phones right on top, which looks better? iPhone? HTC or Motorola?

I'd say the iPhone but only for the black version the white one looks ugly - a different kind ugly compared to the other two though…