Telefónica is the latest large company to sign up for Office 365

Microsoft has signed up yet another major business to use its Office 365 cloud-based software service. Today, the company announced that the Spain-based telecommunications provider Telefónica will be giving its 130,000 employees in 24 countries access to both Office 365 and the Yammer social networking service.

Microsoft's press release states that Telefónica started a pilot program with Office 365 in 2012 and started full deployment of the software package in Latin America in April. It will expand Office 365 to its European outlets sometime later this year. Microsoft claims that by using Office 365 and Yammer, Telefónica will reduce its collaboration costs "by up to 20 percent".

In March, Yammer added support for instantly translating messages into other languages and that support was one of the reasons why Telefónica included Yammer in its Office 365 deal with Microsoft. Adrian Steel, the European production hub lead and global director for Telefónic, stated:

By automatically converting conversations to a person’s native language, Yammer will help our people work more efficiently than ever and focus on delivering superior value to our customers. Other critical capabilities included unified communications via Microsoft Lync 2013 and cloud-based storage via SkyDrive Pro.

This decision by Telefónica follows word in January that the European retailer Tesco, the largest private business in Europe, has signed up to use Office 365.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Telefonica

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I really love how MS is beating Google with these Office 365 wins. I honestly can't see how a company could choose Google Apps over it. Microsoft should give away Office 365 for free and charge for support and desktop Office 2013 through subscription.

This is not win. Telefonica is simply moving form Office standalone to Office 365. Win would be if Microsoft was actually stealing Google customers. Unfortunately for Microsoft it is the other way around and Google is stealing huge number of Microsoft licenses through Google apps. Boston few days ago, then this yesterday:

Both of these Office offering are subpar to anything standalone, even Free(Kingsoft Office) or Opensource (I might add tha LibreOffice 4 is excellent), and for me it is hard to understand these moves to cloud...unless someone is taking the cream off of top for these signups.

Yogurth said,
Unfortunately for Microsoft it is the other way around and Google is stealing huge number of Microsoft licenses through Google apps. Boston few days ago, then this yesterday:

It's not all "stealing huge numbers".. for example, if you want to quote Neowin articles, maybe this one might be relevant, and there's plenty of others too... it works both ways.

Although I do agree about the cloud versions, I can see the attraction but personally the desktop versions are just a lot more productive overall, regardless of who made it.

I think what Max Norris and Yogurth says is misleading. Office 365 isn't "cloud" as how you both describe it. Office 365 IS the desktop version.

With Office 365 you get the full-fat complete version of Office. The only difference between this and "standalone" is that your company pay a subscription instead of a traditional site licence for somanycopies.

So in Telefónica's case, moving from "standalone" to Office 365 is simply moving from a traditionally-deployed version to a version that is tied to a subscription. It still has to be installed (fortunately there's more options for doing this e.g. the online install method that lets you use Office while it's installing) and it still has the full set of functions, with the huge advantage of getting updates delivered automatically and being able to temporarily use a full-fat copy of Office 365 on any Windows 7 or 8 PC that is connected to the internet (using the aforementioned online installer method).

This is most definitely a win for Microsoft, it's a company moving to the cloud, and choosing their services over the competitions services.

Office 365 is their cloud service. Office 365 Home Premium is the "offline" version for home users, and if you get the top tier of Office 365 for businesses you also get the offline office suite.

Brony said,
Evil company meets other evil company.


You're going to lose all your hair and die early if you're this negative all the time.