Temporary Microsoft Store to open in Amsterdam Oct 26? [Update]

Microsoft has already announced plans to open over 30 temporary holiday stores on October 26th in the US and Canada to help sell both Windows 8 and its upcoming Surface tablet. Now there's a report that the company may be planning to do the same overseas.

WebSonic.nl reports that Microsoft will open a temporary holiday store in Amsterdam on the Windows 8 launch date. The story says that the store will be put up to demonstrate Windows 8 devices. It may also sell the OS as well, although the article states that that isn't exactly clear.

There's no word either on if the Windows RT-based Surface tablet will be sold at this location. The company has already announced that sales of the Surface outside of the US and Canada will be limited to the Microsoft Store website.

The story adds that Microsoft set up a similar temporary store last year in Amsterdam. At that time, the reason was to show off the Kinect hardware add-on for the Xbox 360 console. It's possible that the company could set up other temporary stores in other parts of the world. We have contacted Microsoft to get some more information on this subject.

Update: According to a statement sent to Neowin from a Microsoft spokesperson, "While we’re exploring several locations for future Microsoft retail stores, we have no specific new store locations to share at this time."

Source: WebSonic.nl | Image via Microsoft

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Co-ords said,
Judging by the interest in this thread, I guess no one cares!

Well that all depends on wether they will sell the surface or not. If they do I will be very happy to make the 400km trip.

Co-ords said,
Judging by the interest in this thread, I guess no one cares!

We can't comment while we sleep
If the surface will be sold in Amsterdam, I'll be there!

.Neo said,
Somehow I don't think Kalverstraat 101 will be a real match for Apple's Amsterdam residence...


It isn't a real Microsoft store so you can't actually compare them. It is the Store of Brands. Microsoft is only hiring it for a period of time. But it is in de center of the shopping district, so they can't complain about the place. Many people will walk along while shopping. But I have to say you are right about the Apple Store. It is a real beauty from the outside and the inside