Ten years later, a "Third" Google founder is revealed?

Just as Google is celebrating its 10th anniversary, a man claiming to be the "third" founder of Google has come out to stake his claim to history. In the video above, a man calling himself Hubert Chang claims that as an NYU Ph.D student in 1997 he was introduced to Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin by Stanford professor Rajeev Motwani. He then helped the two come up with PageRank (the underlying algorithm that powers Google's search engine), the name Google, and even the business plan.

So why wasn't his name on the original PageRank paper? Because, he says, he decided to pursue his Ph.D instead. Then when he did finish his Ph.D n 2002 and contacted Google, he got the big brush off from Larry and Sergey's handlers. (Surprise, surprise). Remember, boys and girls, always ask for a byline.

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This is yet another example of how humanity's greed will be the ruin of all. The Google Project 10 x 100th is geared toward making the world a better place. Grant it...not necessarily for the whole of humanity, but at a minimum, for a specfic problem facing part of humanity (i.e., hunger, poverty, oil, etc..). But, why not for the whole of humanity? There is a solution...check out what other ideas are being discussed that fits into the "Other" category: http://www.kabbalahblog.info/2008/10/proje...the-100-google/

A similar situation succeeded with Facebook. Facebook "lose" the case and paid a unspecific amount of money.

May be Chang did spend some years recovering proves. Anyways, Google currently is evil (and who knowns, may be it was always evil).

As much as I would like to see him get his share of the pie, I don't think it all relies on his invention and creation of PageRank and other aspects that he came up with.

The success and size of Google is not because of what he had created 10 years ago, but rather the road map and direction that the other two drove Google into, in a business, your starting line is not your success but your ability to keep that integrity and business model for as long as your business is operating which is what Sergey and Larry have done.

Unfortunately for him, listening to his father did not lead him to a successful pathway, but rather one filled with ongoing regrets. This is why I advise anyone I talk to about their life, I advised them to make their decisions based on what they think is the right choice, of course that is extending to a certain limit of what is right what is not

Sucks for you, Mr. Hubert.

I'm the "fourth" founder of Google, where is my money?

:P Seriously, what this guy expect? even if it's true, he walked away!

OOOh BOOOHOOO pal. I'm sure Larry will be overnighting you a couple million since your PHd didn't pan out and you've had to resort to divulging to the world that your internal bleeding led to you not being able to be a part of one of the most succesful web companies ever. Please do hold your breath.

I don't like Google, but this sounds just like what happened with Facebook not so long ago and it pretty much sounds like it's this guy's fault for not sticking with it. Good luck with that Ph.D. buddy, I'm sure it'll make you as much as sticking with Google would've...