Terabyte Hard Drives Show Stellar Performance

It's the era of the terabyte. That era really launched back in May when Hitachi delivered its 7K1000 terabyte hard drive. However, the 7K1000 was a five platter, ten head device, while Western Digital and Seagate ship four platter, four head devices. That's right: The Western Digital WD10EACS and Seagate 7200.1 offer a cool 250GB per platter. That's a lot of bits in a small area. Seagate's take on a terabyte drive is a more traditional design, while Western Digital plays the green card. Which drive offers better performance and value?

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Yeah, here in the UK I got two Samsung SpinPoint 500GB SATA2 drives for £62 each, so far they've been flawless and fast as hell!!

i bought 7 500 GB HDDs from fry's a while back. paid $650 with taxes for all 7. have 3 of those on my media center setup as raid 0. don;t care if i lose some movies if a drive fails. and the other 4 are set as raid 5 on my main gaming PC. plus i picked up andother external 500 GB hDD a few days ago USB 2.0 with SATA II drive. for $89 for a local computer store.

btw. all my 500 GB HDDs are SATA II

much cheaper than i were to go pickup 1 TB HDDs. willw ait until those drop to around $100. and that day will come. when 2 and 4 TB drives will ship probably!

For the same money, I can buy three 500GB drives, set them up as a RAID, and end up with a full terabyte and redundancy.

pretty nice but still out of most peoples price ranges.... the way i see it is it aint worth spending that much for a hard drive, it just aint wise.

100 dollar area (give or take a little) usually offers the best "bang for the buck"... and this is what most average people look for (including me)

cause i sure would like a 1TB hard drive but for 300+ dollars... NO WAY!

p.s. but my current total of 850GB should keep me good for quite a while... cause if they where to get somewhat full i could probably free up 10-20GB fairly quickly and just burn the data to dvd discs etc.