Tesco signs up to use Microsoft Office 365

A few days ago, Microsoft announced that the city of Chicago was moving 30,000 employees over to Microsoft's Office 365 cloud service. Today, the company announced yet another major contract as Tesco has signed up to use Office 365.

While Tesco is not very well known in the US, it's massive in Europe and Asia. Founded in 1919 and based in the UK, the grocery and general product retailer is the largest private employer in Europe and the third largest retailer in the world. There are over 6,000 Tesco stores worldwide and the company employs over 500,000 workers.

Microsoft's press release says that Office 365 will be deployed to all of Tesco's stores and employees. Mike McNamara, the chief information officer for Tesco, stated:

Office 365 will serve as the portal for all Tesco employees, suppliers and colleagues, encouraging a cultural shift to more flexible ways of working. This will allow our colleagues to engage with each other and deliver a great shopping experience on any channel, as well as encouraging colleagues to share, re-use, and reward ideas and expertise.

A PR email from Microsoft also hinted that even more Office 365 announcements are coming soon thanks to the National Retail Federation holding their annual trade show next week.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Tesco

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OK great, Tesco has 500,000 employees. How many of these actually need office? Not very many.

I'd say what...50,000 maybe at a push?

Looks like Microsoft is actually stealing from Google, not the other way around. Sorry Google, but two can play at this game.

Google Apps has some great features. Collaboration is awesome. Sadly its no match to the mighty Office suit. Goods move by Tesco IMO.

I wonder how many enterprises (>1000 seats) are using Google Apps and Office 365? It would be an interesting comparison. I know of several Schools and School districts that are using Google Apps now, but are going to move to Office 365 over the next year. We have ~50K students and about 4K employees and are going Office 365 this year.

What are the educational discounts like for Google Apps and Office 365? The educational market is very different from the general market, because the discounts are so steep.

Google Apps is free for Education and Office 365 has been free for education since last summer, but that only gets you the web version of Office. We are using Google Apps because when we made the transition a few years ago Office 365 did not exist. If it did we would of went with it in a heartbeat. If anything should change with Google Apps that is where we will be heading.