Texas Instruments Debuts 'TI-Nspire'

No doubt a lot of you will remember using a TI calculator sometime during your education. Up here in Canada, the majority of schools use Ti-83/84 calculators at the high school level to teach topics like advanced Functions and Calculus.

Texas Instruments has just revealed their next-gen graphing calculator, and it looks pretty impressive. Their new TI-Nspire series calculators boast several new features including the ability to 'grab-and-move' parts of a graph in real time, and display up to 4 different windows concurrently on an improved greyscale screen. The base TI-Nspire calculator will also feature a snap-on Ti-83/84 keypad so you can match keystrokes with kids (or teachers) who aren't lucky enough to have one. TI is also planning a suite of Windows/Mac software for TI-Nspire, allowing you to interface your calculator with computers at home and in the classroom.

TI-Nspire is set to hit store shelves right around back to school time, just in time for parents or kids to get a hold of one for all that homework.

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Grab and Move would have helped me visualize what's going on with the equations because I am a highly visual person (meaning, I remember things best by seeing them as opposed to talking or reading about it).

Nah, not for me happy with my HP calc. Besides they are really ugly when I saw the name i thought of something more robust, user friendly and lets face it COOL. But TI sadly disappointed me on this one.

My high school bought TI 83 Plus for every student. All 2000 of us. This was like 8 years ago. I believe they bought them the day TI released them. lol

I still have three of them. I had my own, plus I found one in 9th grade and then another in 12th.

I loved my TI 83 Plus. At the time I was an expert in BASIC and ASM programming languages.

I wrote a ton of games and algebra solvers over at http://www.ticalc.org/. Have not written a line of code since. lol Well in those two languages at least.

Ya I did a fair bit of coding in my day as well for the Ti-83.

All time favorite thing to do was play games, especially Bustamove in the middle of class. Oh MirageOS... :P

I bought a TI-83 Plus a couple of years ago, the Silver version. Two weeks after I bought it, which was strongly recommended by the teacher, the school banned it so I was ****ed, but I still used it. the TI-nspire... cmon... its 2007, they want $300-$400 for this thing they should at least put a good LCD screen with a modern OS, not a bloody 1986 Mac OS black and white style that is still pixelated.

You want Internet and MP3 playback with that too? You don't need color or a pristine quality LCD and a modern OS on a freaking calculator.

What are you going on about? The version people would actually buy (the regular one) is priced like the TI-84 Silver... around $100.

What I never quite got is why nobody cloned the TI-83/84.

The TI-83 still costs pretty much what they did when I went off to college.... seven and a half years ago.

Arguably better calculators (like Casio's with the crude colour screens) sold for significantly less money, and you still hardly saw them sell because all the classes were oriented around the TI interface.

If someone built a clone of the TI-83 for $40 less, but had the same interface, it'd sell like hotcakes with free porn. Alternatively, target the same price, but promise faster speeds or more memory or even preloaded useful applets.

wow i never figured out how to use my old ti-82 back in the day. jesus i remember joking about the size of the manual for that thing.

Are they finally updating their calculators? They've had the same basic software on them for many years now. I have a TI-89, and I'm done with math ... so I just use it to do all the simple math problems now. 8)

Also, I like the design of the newer TI's, but this Nspire is kinda ugly IMHO.

I love all the BS they throw into the presentation to make you think that you NEED this calculator.
I did calculus in high school just fine with a TI-36 (yes, non-graphing).

Go out and buy MathCAD already.

Oh yeah, you can't use MathCAD on the SAT or ACT or college exams.

The real world uses MathCAD and has very little use for these silly calculators. I have barely touched my Ti-89 since I completed college.

Anyway...first front page post on Texas Instrument I've ever seen in my 6 years of membership. So Texas Instrument++.

the CAS is more geared towards teachers and what not by what I see. But these calculators look like beasts to me, and a hell of alot smaller as well (in thinkness at least) My TI-84 is huge compared to this thing.

The CAS would definitely be nice though... It simplifies equations and all the other tedious stuff that I don't feel like doing :P

But yeah, I have a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition... So this would be a nice change. It's probably faster and it looks like it's got a nice new interface.