Text-to-pee service launched

Finland's residents now face being caught short during car trips if their phones are out of credit, because the country's road management agency has introduced an SMS entry system for public toilets.

Called the SMS Lock System, users must text "OPEN" to a number shown on the door of various toilets and shower rooms along Highway One in Paimio and Salo, near Turku, where the texting service began operating earlier this month.

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When you use one just wedge the door open for the next person.

Or does it only allow you to lock the door once when inside? and if you try to lock it again it doesnt work?

Once in the toilet the dor locks behind you... but for exit the toilet you need to type 5x SMS with "please let me out" to the number on the door LOL
I see big profits here

Then you call your frend to go check the number on the outside and SMS it back to you... so you can SMS to that number 5x LOL

Openseasme! .... nothing

Open toilet door! ...... nothing

Abra la puerta de tocador! .... nothing

WC porte aperte! .... nothing

Open toilet deur! ..... nothing

OH ****.... i forgot the magic word!!! ..... (from the outside of the door >>> I gess you already did sir! )

Imagine if you do run out of credit, batteries or even have no signal. Stupid idea, what had this world come to? Imagine hackers bypassing the signal and opening the door using a laptop hacking the signal and then raping a woman in the toilet? Priceless ^^

Of all the words that came to mind when I read "hacking the signal and raping a woman in the toilet", "Priceless" was definitely not one of them.

what a bad idea.

what if you are in a hurry i you got no signal or credit on your phone?

peeing on the door number is a great idea

(Skyfrog said @ #7.1)
My question is what if you have no cell phone? Does everyone in Finland have one or something?

It's where Nokia comes from, so they must do!

We've had this in the Netherlands for quite a long time now... Works like a charm, because i never have cash with me, only my bank-card and cell phone.

(Tha Bloo Monkee said @ #6.1)
I would never use a toilet I had to pay for.

That's what I used to think. I was in Europe over the summer, specifically France and Italy, and in the restrooms they actually had people whose job was to collect money for people using the toilets. Most of the time it was a table or something set up outside, with a dish or jar, and you were just expected to give them money. Living in the States, I had never encountered this before; the most I was ever asked to do was get the "key" from the counter.

Living in the States, I had never encountered this before; the most I was ever asked to do was get the "key" from the counter.

Getting the key, from fueling stations. Having to pay, check out the Airports.

I remember back in the day, when toilet doors in stations and airports had quarter locks on the doors, and you had to pay to keep from experiencing grid lock at the back gates... I just slid under the door.

I like Popcorned's idea!! Just wait for that little hottie to run into the stall, and have a quick competition to see who can text the door open first! :nuts:

I can see this ending up to be pretty funny. You note down the number and wait for someone to use the toilet then text OPEN, lol

I'm sure there's a manual locking system on the inside. However you could have fun with anyone who forgot to lock it!

... however, many of the male population of Finland find that not having a cell phone means they merely must relocate to the nearest tree.