The $900 iPad app

EP Visual Design, a Pennsylvania-based software development firm, is now offering a $900 app in the App Store for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. 

Targeted toward corporate and government customers, SiteCloner Publisher enables its customers to build apps that can publish content to end users through HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP connections. The app also features local storage for offline viewing, user permissions, customizable user interfaces, compare and download, error checking, and download restarts. 

Sounds great, but is it really worth $900? Pete Meyers of EP Visual seems to think so: “'The app contains two years of in-house development work, so we didn’t want to make it too cheap. If we sell a few of them, hopefully we can lower the price.' Meyers explained that hospitals, for example, could make use of SiteClone because they’re notorious for poor internet connections."

More information on SiteClone is available at their homepage and at the App Store

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ilev said,

If it is so easy to write, why won't you try it yourself and sell it for $9.99, or better still, make it open source ?

I don't know if it is worth $900 or $399 or $9.99. For those who need such application and can't find a replacement that will run on iPad, it maybe worth even more.

Ok think of it this way. This app is targeted towards corporations right?

Don't you think an IT administrator will be able to say install PHP File Manager (a completely free, easy to use file manager) and make a very simple mobile website to access it?

In this case it's 3 programs:

- Siteclone Publisher - Makes a "website" to view / download your files.
- Siteclone - FTP Client to connect to your website
- Siteclone Browser - The program you use to connect to your website.

I'm sure there are better apps / websites out there for this kind of thing, and I'm also equally sure they don't cost $900 to use.

JFC I nearly spilt my cup of tea when I read this article. Well it is one way of making money with the iPad... Sell it with your own software, but nearly $ 1.000.00 is taking the pi**.

The same result can be achieved with html5. Though ftp may not be available still everything is possible without it.

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