The AMD 690G: first fruits of AMD/ATI merger

AMD has announced the AMD 690G chipset with integrated graphics, essentially an ATI-designed product that has been rebranded and renamed in light of the merger. The 690G's integrated graphics processor (IGP) is the DirectX 9-compatible ATI X1250, and going by TR's benchmark results, it is fairly powerful. With support for VGA, dual-link DVI, and HDMI (+ HDCP) output, the new chipset may be a good fit for a home theatre PC. Other features of the new chipset include PCIe x16, SATA2, gigabit Ethernet, and 6-channel HD audio. The 690G is also among the first Vista-certified IGP products, and motherboards based on it should be available soon from the usual roster of motherboard makers.

News source: Ars Technica

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AH. finally. Nice to seea small board with and IGP that at least in theory doesn't suck.
Maybe apple will hopefully switch to better IGP's. The Intel GMA950 is the really a lowend product, whose only point is that it isn't that power requiring.

McoreD said,
So where are the results against Core 2 Duo ?

I don't see what the Core2Duo has to do with a chipset?

If you want to compare it, you need to compare it to an Intel chipset with "Extreme Graphics" - and since the EG performance is pitiful, it wouldn't even have a remote chance x)