The big retail push for October 18th

Well the big gaming day has finally come.

According to Take 2 Games, the Hex-based strategy game Shattered Union is now in retail stores in North America. Shattered Union is a "what if" strategy game based in the future United States where increasing terrorism, internal strife and the nuclear destruction of Washington D.C. has caused the country to shatter and a new civil war begins. You control either European peacekeeper forces trying to restore the country to order or one of the remaining States in dynamic and non-linear single player battles and multiplayer skirmish action.

Bluesnews also confirms that the long awaited Quake 4 and Age of Empires III have both made it to retail stores in North America. F.E.A.R. as reported on Neowin previously is also in stores now.

The holiday 2005 season has begun boys and girls. (Well, sorta)

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