The Club demo for PC is released

As promised, SEGA has a playable demo of The Club, allowing you to try out the PC version of this game developed by Bizarre Creations for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and due to ship on February 19, 2008 (thanks: FilePlanet). Players will blast through a secretive tournament known only as The Club, where the world's rich and powerful watch merciless fighters test their skills. While highly trained and effectively brutal, most combatants find themselves forced to participate. The posse of urban warriors represents a variety of countries and backgrounds. They share almost nothing in common except for participating in the ultimate blood sport where the only reward is survival. Players will choose between eight unique fighters, each with their own combat style and agendas, as they travel the globe in a series of visceral underground matches.

Download: Download The Club

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I'm downloading this now. I hope it works with my not-so-great vid card (well, not even a card, it's intergrated) :P

Edit: so it works on low settings on my Radeon Xpress 200 :P I tried the game for about 5 minutes and didn't really like it. Unless I was playing some special mode or whatever, I stood in a circle and had to survive for 5 minutes.

I played it on 360. It's ok, kind of strange though. It'll be a rental. I got Burnout Paradise Saturday from Gamefly and almost sent it back today. I don't like that game at all really.

did you even go look at the streaming trailers? its more like duke nukem or go around shooting people. didn't see any "fighting" more shooting, a la GTA style