"The Day the Earth Stood Still" transmitted into Space

Today marks the launch of "The Day the Earth Stood Still", a remake from the 1951 film entitled the same. While science fiction fans will be flocking en masse to the theatres today, the film may also have another type of audience, an audience that is extra-terrestrial.

"The Day the Earth Stood Still" will be the first film intentionally 'beamed' into space, according to 20th Century Fox, making it the first galactic motion picture release in history. The film will be launched via the Deep Space Communications Network at Cape Canaveral. It will be broadcasted through space at 186,000 miles per second to Alpha Centauri, a three star system.

It may be awhile before we receive any movie reviews from any potential viewers in Alpha Centauri as roundtrip communication will take approximately 8+ years.

While the movie travels to Alpha Centauri it may be intercepted and viewed at several possible locations:

(Location and signal travel time)

Moon: 1.1991888 seconds
Sun: 8.41536 minutes
Mercury: 4.99662 minutes
Venus: 2.5035696 minutes
Mars: 3.997296 minutes
Jupiter: 35.028936 minutes
Saturn: 1.18341 hours
Uranus: 2.49831 hours
Neptune: 4.03236 hours
Pluto: 5.4200178 hours

Surely this move redefines the term "in theatres everywhere".

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Alien space-exploration teams will, no doubt, intercept the signal and say:

"Right, call off the earth mission - it is clear that there is no intelligent life to be found there....."

they could really become dangerous. aliens get the transmission and think this is a documentary/historical event... surely they know the concept of science but they might not know the concept of FICTION.

1st thought in alien mind after watching the movie... strike them before they have the ability to strike us.
2st thought in alien mind... Oh look new source of cheap labor!

Last year a executive/scientisft of SETI admitted that common radio signal have a limited range and for beam a radio signal to Proxima Centauri can take a LOT of energy and resource, becoming the SETI project virtually impracticable. So yes, the Hitler broadcasting signal currently is not traveling in the space (not even a static signal).

With the current technology we are able to transmit to Pluto (with a lot of interference) but not any farther. The distance to Pluto is 0.000625 light years and Proxima Centauri is 5 light years (+/-).

We will need a 35 million kilometer parabolic antennae to transmit a signal able to reach to the nearest star, or you could say, to build a Quasar.

OK, nice publicity stunt, but lets lets just think about this a little but (most of these will have already been posted, but that two pence shall be mine!).

#1 This surely falls under some intergalactic geno-type-discrimination law. That being if you happen to live on Earth, you have to pay to view, however all those other races out there can watch for free. Double standards on the whole piracy issue anyone?

#2 Assuming any of the races out there have the technology to view this movie and they can find the appropriate propriatry codec, doesn't the underlying truth shout "Hey us Earthlings are genophobic scumbags, whether you're friend or foe, fly your spaceship anywhere near us and we'll experiment the hell out of you. Once we're done we'll then act really really surprised that this has ****ed you off and you're gonna bring you're frickin lazer beam down on our collective a**es."?

Nice move!

Oh and I don't think its the first in history. All that snow you see when you're not getting good reception, thats the remake of the Alpha Centauri classic "Lets just be friends, hmmmkay?".

One day, when we meet "aliens", I think they're gonna be ****ed, "Why didn't you beam the CODECS, you ********!?", seriously, is this in mpeg, avi, or what? And howcome pirates aren't smart enough to download it and put it on the net :P

They'd probably hate us for transmitting such gibberish into the space and want to come down here and kick our asses. Get ready for an Alien attack!

Let me think about this...If an ET saves the transmission to media, it's ok. But if I do it, it's illegal? That brings the word "racist" to a whole new level. Screw the human race, lets give the ETs free stuff!!!! How much tax money is going towards this little useless project anyway? If someone creates an intergalactic MPAA, fine. Until then...what is the point to all this?

Awful film.

Saw it today, and it was really bad. Waste of money. Thankfully the martians will only get one showing of it =/ unless its being looped. Oh nooo... were going to put ideas into the aliens heads now


it's nice we give them idea how dangerous we are ...
soon(relative) we get some space ships proceeding planetary bombardment just for sure to avoid us ever getting into space ...

The should also beam out
Meet the Spartans
the 1st Incredible Hulk Movie
Anything with Tom Green in it

This will definitely save the planet from alien invasions...
also beam a picture of my neighbor picking up a load from his german shepard looking at him sideways

Glad to see that Pluto isnt being neglected in articles like this despite the fact that it's not a proper planet (officially) anymore.

Or maybe aliens will see it, think their alien brethren need some help against Keanu since hes clearly a god after the Matrix... and come to blow us up >_<

Surely this move redefines the term "in theatres everywhere".

LOL what about, "Now showing in a theatre near you!"?

that would be so cool, maybe we've been going about this search for life the wrong way. instead of sending out good things and saying we come in peace for all man kind we should try and antagonize anyone/thing out there. maybe this will get results faster.

That's the dumbest **** I've read in ages. Why the hell would they do that with this movie out of all?
Either it's just a ****ty marketing campaign or they're intentionally inviting anything living that's out there to come **** us up...

maybe some real messed up aliens see it and get freaked out thinking there are other aliens that might kill them because they are as messed up as we are. we're causing interstellar panic.

Wow, they should have sent out a romance movie or a movie about humans hugging small animals.
As the aliens are looking for life they recive a broadcast showing humans being raped because of how bad they are, no need to meet us, just send the war ships instead of the peace ships lol. We should start broadcasting movies where we attack aliens, even peacfull ones.

So the first movie we beam into outer space, is a movie about an alien that want's to wipe out humanity because of how terrible we are?

Am I the only one that sees something very, very wrong about this?

Mike Frett said,
Not sure if it was the first movie or not. But unfortunately, I think one of the first broadcasts was Hitler announcing the Olympics.

The 1936 Olympics weren't broadcasted into space, it was just the first event to be broadcasted live on TV in history.

I think the only thing wrong with showing this movie to aliens is the fact that it sucks. Lets broadcast cryptic noises and images instead. It would be all mysterious and the aliens would think we're advanced!

GEIST said,
The 1936 Olympics weren't broadcasted into space, it was just the first event to be broadcasted live on TV in history.

I didn't say it was broadcast into space


This is the worst film I've seen at the cinema all year :(
I don't think the Aliens will be keen on all the blatant product placement throughout.

Krome said,
Or maybe the movie will get 5-stars... get it? hehehehe

It will be broadcasted through space at 186,000 miles per second to Alpha Centauri, a three star system

Sounds like it's only a 3-star movie to me

as i was reading it out, my uncle said the exact same thing lol... another case of one rule for one and another rule for others.

LOL, I can see it now:

"The MPAA has filed a lawsuit against the Solar System for unauthorized viewing of copyrighted material, in a comprimise, the MPAA will wait 3 billion years for the simple organisms in the galaxy to evolve, after which they will be hit with a bill of $3,000,000,000".

I bet they're setting up an inter-galactic department right now. :P