The EU wants to monitor everything online

George Orwell would be most amused to hear about the latest development in the EU. Ten countries of the European Union have agreed to help develop computer programs that monitor the internet and CCTV images, according to Just like in the novel,1984, the EU's project aim is to detect any abnormal behavior on forums, peer-to-peer networks and even individual computers. The ultimate goal is to try to presage possible conflicts or acts of terror. Philip K. Dick, the author of Minority Report, would also be very amused.

Project Indect is not only an attempt to scour the internet for strange behavior, the European Union is calling for a more unified law-enforcement system, across the European states. Police officers in the UK will be trained in European affairs over the course of the remaining 50 months the project.

The five-year initiative already began on January 1st, 2009. Now the EU has decided to increase the budget by 13.5 % to nearly 1 billion Euros ($1.4 billion). Especially in the UK it has caused an outcry. Since the British citizens are already feeling oppressed by an abundance of CCTV cameras, many have sounded off their protest.

Shami Chakrabarti, the director of human rights group Liberty, describes this whole project as positively chilling. "Profiling whole populations instead of monitoring individual suspects is a sinister move for any society", she said.

Stephen Booth, Analyst at Open Europe, who has thoroughly assessed this program, has definitely recognized the Orwellian nature of it. To him it would mean less personal freedom for the citizens of the European Union. They will meddle with their privacy and the citizens should ask themselves, whether the EU shouldn't spend tax money on something else.

No matter where this leads, the only hope is that it doesn't spiral out of control. An abundance of control becomes only an obstruction when everyone forgets what it's for. That's why, within this Project Indect, there is a special board for ethical issues. This could be the beginning of an effective EU "secret service".

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despite that its from the Telegraph... The project its real and scary. More because its the EU that is interested, meaning a bunch of coutries with their own laws. I dont want to know what might be the american response to this, where corporations have the real power on that country.

Don't really care about **** like this anymore... Let it happen, it'll be amusing to see the results and the reactions when everyone realize we'r living in a version of 1984, hehe.

I for one think the crossed the line of what the hell they are supposed to do a long time ago...

Seriously though this is nothing new, there are already multinational programs to monitor communications... Yea some deny that yes, but some nations confirmed their part in it so...

Yes, I agree this is all bad but how surprised are we really? Governments have tried to do this since computers were invented. These days the government has broken the spirit of people down to the point where they don't think for themselves anymore and have fooled a lot of people into thinking only the government can keep you safe. I guess all governments have forgotten that people in the past start revolutions and overthrow governments for doing stuff like this. Governments are sadly mistaken if they think that people won't revolt against them for screwing them over endlessly. People can only take so much until they'd die to see things change for the better and not further some misaligned political agenda dictated by their government or the U.N. No one can take the right away from my being able to say the truth that Obama is a Socialist!

it's just beginning... First they want control the terrorist, than the opposition, than - all, who thinks differently.

why dont they use the money to spy on the places where the terrorism comes from, not where the terrorism is targetting?

When the off-line world is perfect they car worry about the on-line world. I mean isn't real world issues more important than seeing that the guy 3 houses down is downloading child p0rn?

OK, so the EU "government" gave itself the right to prevent an OS maker from including songs and movies player into its OS, then it gives itself the right to prevent the OS maker from even including program which allows the user to go to internet sites, which means basically making the OS useless, and even worse makes that law only apply to single OS maker, not the others.and calls that a thing to help competition !!! yea, make the "bad guys" OS useless piece of **** so people go and buy the other, this helps in making competition better !!!

Then now, it gives itself the right to monitor the internet forums which people make to talk about stuff, a right which it don't have even in "physical" forums, and it goes far to even monitor our personal computers, a right which it can't do with our physical files, and to punish us !!!

OK, so what's "my" point here ? we can't do anything, we are only waiting until they take the next step, make accessing the internet and using computers require "official passport" instead ip address :P

Meh, and we thought the US was squeezing everyone's rights. Why don't we just pull the plug on the internet and go back to the telegraph or good old mail. Should avoid all this crap.

Lucas said,
Meh, and we thought the US was squeezing everyone's rights. Why don't we just pull the plug on the internet and go back to the telegraph or good old mail. Should avoid all this crap.

LOL i'm sure the terrorist will do

who the hell cares about terrorism anyhow, what are there in average maybe 1 in 100 million in a year die from that, its a joke, you have bigger chance getting killed by an allergic reaction to aspirin... what a waste of money

"Just like in the novel,1984, the EU's project aim is to detect any abnormal behavior on forums, peer-to-peer networks and even individual computers"

I don't recall that happening in 1984. Bleh. Hate such references when they're completely invalid!

I guess they got everything else under control so they got bored and came up with new things to do, which is this. They also need an excuse to take more money from people to fund this kind of thing. Internet protection fee, its called.

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