The fall of the old guard tech trade mags?

Remember PC Week (before it came eWeek) and InfoWorld? If you've been around long enough, you probably used to read them regularly. They used to be THE sources for getting the latest news on the tech industry.

Now look at them. What the heck happened? While they've shifted to covering "success stories" by corporate IT managers upstarts like have passed them by. Neowin is well on its way to overtaking both these websites in daily traffic and Neowin doesn't have a print version to help draw traffic.

How could this happen?

This article at takes a look at the sad decline of InfoWorld and eWeek and hopes that they will be able to rebound. But in the meantime, observes how Neowin and other sites like it have filled in the void they seem to have voluntarily left behind.

News source: In House

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I think the Internet is one piece of the puzzle. But not the whole story.

The coverage of eWeek and InfoWorld has changed to things that interest fewer and fewer people.

I would love to be able to sit down and read a single print magazine that keeps me up to speed on the main issues of the day in the tech industry. I don't have time to read through eveyr tech site every day to sort ouf the wheat from the chaffe.