The first Android mascots would scare kids

Before Android was released to the public, Dan Morrill was working on the project and needed some eye candy for a presentation, so he decided to create some mascots for the unreleased OS. Nicknamed "Dandroids" by the team, they look vastly different to the current, somewhat futuristic Android mascot, and look crazy enough that they'd probably scare kids.


It's an interesting look into the early designs related to Android, but we'd hate to think what would happen if these mascots were still in use today.

Source: Dan Morrill (Google+)

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Oh good grief...

When I was a kid...there were way worse looking things than this. I mean...Sesame Street when I was a kid was using a rubber band guy to count to talk about creepy...not to mention the creepy music.

Here's the video of the rubber band guy from Sesame Street. Now you tell me this wasn't creepy as a kid watching....

People are way too sensitive these days. Almost every time you see something smile, someone will crawl out of their shell and say "that's creepy".

Majesticmerc said,
Interesting, so you're saying that this logo would have been more appealing than the iOS and WP logos?

I think he's saying it's ugly and cheap looking. Just like Android.

omgben said,

Update past Gingerbread, and it gets better.

This. I used to despise Android, but recently I picked up a Nexus 7. The Kelly Bean goodness on there is amazing, and the smoothness of the UI is on par with Windows Phone and iOS. Still a few stutters, but millions of times better than froyo/gingerbread.

king_of_hearts said,
Why did these logo's remind me of 'The Jetsons'?

They remind me a bit of that robot they had as a housemaid.

morden said,
futuristic? the current android logo?! i always thought it's anachronistic as hell, we had a very similar thing in Hungary back in the '70s called 'mikrobi' (

however, it's one of the most ugliest of logos ever - don't think these in the article were actual CONCEPTS, just some quickie to make a presentation more appealing

That looks NOTHING like the Android logo.