The Hunger Games website gets help from IE team

The Hunger Games is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated movies of 2012. Based on the best selling sci-fi novel about a woman fighting in a televised combat to the death, the movie is set to debut in theaters on Friday. Today, Microsoft announced it has assisted the movie's marketing team at Lionsgate in the creation of a new official website for The Hunger Games, using HTML5-based code.

The website will allow fans of the books and the movie to tour the Capital, the center of government in the fictional universe of The Hunger Games. While the website will work with all HTML5-based browsers, Microsoft of course recommends that people use Internet Explorer 9 to fully appreciate the new Hunger Games website experience.

Microsoft actually approached Lionsgate in 2011 with the idea of the creation of a new Hunger Games site. Ryan Gavin, the general manager for Internet Explorer, says:

They loved the idea. We had the opportunity to really dig into the universe of The Hunger Games and fundamentally change how people perceive what’s possible on the Web, all of which is best experienced in Internet Explorer 9. We wanted to create something that crossed the boundaries of books and movies, and we see this type of online experience as the next evolution in how Hollywood uses the Web.

The website will gain additional content over the next several weeks, including a training center where users can view contestants training for the Hunger Games.

Image via Microsoft/Lionsgate

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Why is there a big fay label that reads "best viewed in IE9" ?
Did we go back 5 years? Did Microsoft miss the memo that the point of following web standards is to get away from that?

Where does it say "best viewed in IE9"? I viewed the site in Firefox and the only IE icon I saw was one that linked to a download of IE9 (for a site-pinning feature).

Fish said,
So what does IE do in HTML5 that other browsers don't?

They have some CSS3 that others don't, but with this current "fast-paced" thing FF and Chrome are pulling, IE needs to stay ahead of the game to succeed. Even yearly releases aren't enough to support the latest standards. IE9 is an ok comeback, hope IE10 is better.

Vincent Lee said,
... Even yearly releases aren't enough to support the latest standards. IE9 is an ok comeback, hope IE10 is better.

Which standards? HTML5 and CSS3 are "specifics" for now... not standards

I got a message, while using Chrome 17 on Linux, that my browser didn't support the full splendor of the capitol, and had a link to download Internet Explorer 9 for Windows,

It seemed to function properly for the few seconds I was there though.

Very neat site!

However, I keep hitting the Back button by mistake when I try to close the Guide, and getting annoyed by the long loading screen.

Also noticed the following (as of now):

Guide -> [Bottom right] Best Experienced in IE 9 -> [Hover] Developers Click to see behind the scenes ->[Click] -> 404

Scroll to the next page of the Guide -> [Citizens now authorized] Control Room -> [Click] -> Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

When tested in a different browser (Opera), the link address: redirects to http:///#controlRoom

[Edit] By tweaking the link to, I was at least able to see the Control Room.

[Edit2] Ok, DWM restarted whilst I was browsing the site. I think I'm going to stay away from it, for now at least.

Edited by letmesee, Mar 20 2012, 3:17pm :