The Linux Asus Eee PC Ships with Remotely Exploitable Flaw

Out of the box, the highly touted Asus Eee PC ships with a known code-execution vulnerability that allows a hacker to remotely gain root over a network.

According to a warning from RISE Security, the Linux-powered machine uses an old and vulnerable version of the Samba daemon for file and print sharing.
Using the Metasploit point-and-click attack tool, RISE Security was able to launch an exploit that took complete control of the Asus Eee PC.

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(Foub said @ #1.1)
Yeah, and we all know just how secure Windows is in comparison......... :)


Anyway I was reading about this the other day.
Personally if I had one of these machines, I'd run a different variant of Linux on it

Oops, time for a correction:

"Yeah, and we all know just how secure irrelevant Windows is in comparison this discussion"