The Lord of the Rings: the Battle for Middle-Earth patch

As promised, Electronic Arts has issued new patches for The Lord of the Rings: the Battle for Middle-Earth, bringing the English and all European editions (sans the French one) of their fantasy 3D real-time strategy game to version 1.02. This update adds a new Garrison feature, networking improvements, a large number of balance tweaks, some world builder corrections, and a sizable number of other bug fixes.

Balance Changes

  • Gandalf's Istari Light, as either Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White, no longer kills the Mordor Witchking with one attack.

  • Pikemen Heavy Armor upgrade gives less protection against attacks by soldier-class units. This should make infantry units a viable counter to them.

  • Nazgul are slightly more resistant to archers and fire.

  • Saruman's Fireball does more damage to hero units.

  • Saruman now gains Leadership as a default ability.

  • Nazgul normal speed increased slightly.

  • Nazgul swoop speed increased significantly.

  • etc...
Download: English retail v1.02 patch

News source: 3D Gamers

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