The Open Document Foundation (ODF) is dead

The OpenDocument Foundation — a group whose name and charter would lead one to believe that it was backing the OpenDocument Format (ODF), but which ended up backing a different document format instead — has closed its doors. Sam Hiser, a systems consultant who was Vice President & Director Business Affairs at the OpenDocument Foundation, confirmed that ODF is closing its doors in a blog post on November 13. Hiser and a number of the other OpenDocument Foundation backers earlier this year decided to throw their weight behind a Worldwide Web Consortium document standard, the Compound Document Format (CDF), and back away from ODF. The OpenDocument Foundation, at one point, was one of the major critics of Microsoft's attempt to get its ODF alternative, Office Open XML (OOXML), branded as an open standard.

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What most of you don't seem to realize is that the Open Document Foundation was just a third party organization, more like a fan club for OpenDocument! The real organization who develops ODF is OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards).

So who cares what happened to this foundation?

This just proves that the body was formed to fight against Microsoft. The door is now open for MS to start again and add new features to their 'open' standard that ODF (the format) won't be able to use.

Like, what would people say if Netscape had beat IE in the browser wars and then closed shop ...
... or if RealNetworks' beat Microsoft in the media player market then went out of business ...
... or if Linus got a majority share of the computer market then closed the kernel and retired ...
... or if OpenOffice ... ... ... ...

Walking away from this type of fight once you win means you weren't in it for the benefit of the people, but only for your own prestige.

what if apple had stopped at prodos?

No one thinks anymore.

*edit- wouldn't it be funny if MS was behind the ODF (the foundation) and this move was purely to open the door for MS to come in later?

Yeah, but this way we can easily pick out those who just read the title and post mindless drivel! :P

They will be the ones saying stuff like "With ODF dead, MSOOXML will r00l!"