Palm Pre, the phone to save the company

Palm introduced today the Palm Pre which puts everything you ever wanted into one package. This phone will be limited to Sprint initially but will spread to other carriers over time. The impressive spec list for the Palm Pre is listed below:

  • High-speed wireless (EV-DO Rev. A or HSDPA, depending on version)
  • 802.11b / g WiFi
  • Integrated GPS
  • 3.1-inch 24-bit color 480 x 320 display
  • Dedicated gesture area below display
  • Slide-out portrait QWERTY keyboard
  • Exchange email support in addition to POP and IMAP
  • IM, MMS, and SMS messaging
  • High-performance browser
  • 3-megapixel camera with LED flash and "extended depth of field"
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR with A2DP
  • 8GB of internal storage
  • USB mass storage mode
  • MicroUSB connectivity with USB 2.0
  • Proximity sensor for detecting when phone is near face
  • Light sensor to automatically dim display
  • Ringer mute switch
  • Removable rechargeable battery
  • 59.57 x 100.53 x 16.95mm closed
  • 4.76 ounces
The OS (based on Linux) is no slouch either, a very modern, clean, and user friendly interface with all the eye candy you could ever want. The web browsing is based on Webkit and appears to work in a manor equal too, if not better than the coveted iPhone. Palm has confirmed that an app store will be available for the new platform and an SDK will be released in the near future. While many have put Palm to rest over its defunct OS, this phone and OS package may save the company. Ladies and gentleman, the first true iPhone competitor is here.

Video courtesy of Engadget

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nice gui. I like this very much "The OS (based on Linux) " - this generally means that there are many already build applications which can easily be ported if needed.

That looks really nice. My iPhone 2-year is up this coming December - we'll see if the Palm has made it over to AT&T and whether or not Apple makes some good adjustments to mobile OS X (there's plenty they can fix/add, we all know that).

Very sleek and modern. I like how the top bar blends into the rest of the phone to give it a very smooth look. I can't wait to see this new Palm OS too. It certainly looks better than the iPhone's in my opinion.

to the writer: You might want to mention that it's a touchscreen based phone and interface somewhere in your article. There's no way to tell unless you play the video...ahem. Say in the FEATURES or in the description...or both maybe? 8P

Oh, and it's MANNER not "manor".

I really like my iPhone, but at times navigating the UI seems slow, especially when switching between applications. I wouldn't mind a physical keyboard, longer battery life, and true multitasking, either. From what I've seen this phone is (at least for me) on par with the iPhone, unlike the G1 and the Storm. I could definitely see myself using this phone (maybe even over the iPhone?).

It looks like Palm is really paying attention to details, rather than trying to rush out an iPhone competitor, and hopefully this will make for a highly polished phone. Which is what Palm needs to save itself...

I'm really fond of the GUI on that thing. And the feature set really is very complete. o_o I'm curious about the price point on it and when it'll be released. Gotta say, the iPhone bored me to tears when I first played with it, but this looks much closer to my style, and I'm a huge touch-screen skeptic.

Also enjoy seeing Michael Bluth on the contact list. XD

I like some competition for the iphone not hating cause I love my first gen iphone. It sucks that companies can patent "pinch" and other stuff like that so stupid.

Anubis187 said,
I like some competition for the iphone not hating cause I love my first gen iphone. It sucks that companies can patent "pinch" and other stuff like that so stupid.

Not too worried about pinch. It's a pretty gimmicky move, anyway. In terms of the vision of touchscreen becoming 'paper-like', pinch makes very little sense. There are definitely better ways out there to perform the same function.

Didn't know a removble battery was a feature, and you can recharge it... wow wonder what they will bring out next?

Talking about specs listed why does it feel like someone is trying to over advertise. Give over with calling HSDPA high speed, it's been out for years now and really it's something that should be intigrated into every phone. They included it like every other person out there, good for them. And promote featuures like MMS, SMS, Web browser, USB mass storage mode like they are not included with all phones, why did they not include calling too?

becasue if they didnt list it people would wonder...and beleive it or not Apple has turned having phones with removable batterys into a feature becuase their phones dont have that option, nor does the iPhone have MMS capabilities

I really didn't know that, it's changed my opinion about the iPhone. Why have so many people got a phone missing such basic features as MMS.

McDave said,
Why have so many people got a phone missing such basic features as MMS.

7 years ago I would awe with that sentence. And the answer is: for the LULZ.

It looks really nice, and like he said in the video, it takes no time to redraw. The scrollinglooks to be as smooth as the iPhone.

This looks like the first real competition for the iPhone, but we won't know until we see it in use.

After dealing with their implementation on the classic PalmOS, I'm downright scared of their Exchange support claim.

Its not bad, I like the fact that it appears you can run multiple apps at once. Although that might make it more sluggish. The browser, scrolling and rotating I wouldn't say is better than the iPhone but it is certainly nice. Doubt this will be enough to revive this dying company though.

If it really does refresh that quickly while scrolling, then yeah, it is better than the iPhone. When scrolling large web pages, the iPhone has a tendency to display a checkerboard background while the scrolled area is cached. It's minor, but not having it would be a big improvement.