The Pebble wireless smartwatch was one of the highlights of CES 2013

The Pebble smartwatch was one of the highlights of CES 2013, launching to almost unanimous praise. Originally Pebble was a Kickstarter project promising to design an awesome watch that could seamlessly connect to smartphones and deliver important information, like text messages, right to your wrist.

The project was aiming for $100.000 in funding but it quickly blasted past that and with almost 70.000 backers ended up raising over $10 million, shattering previous Kickstarter records as well as the creators’ expectations.

The Pebble smartwatch weighs in at only 38g, has an accelerometer, an E-paper display, and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 with any iOS and Android device. It is also waterproof. Users can get notifications for text messages, e-mail, missed calls and a few other functions and you can also use it to control the music player on your device.

Right now the watch has launched with a limited number of features but in the near future its capabilities will greatly expand. Eric Migicovsky, Pebble’s founder and primary engineer, said new watch faces will be coming really soon but he also explained that a “Sign in with Pebble” API will be released later on, which will allow users to receive notifications from a lot more services.

The Pebble watch will start shipping on January 23rd, after a 4 month delay due to overwhelming demand. According to Migicovsky they have over 100.000 backorders right now so it might be a few weeks before everybody gets one. If you haven’t backed the project up on Kickstarter, you can still buy the watch here for $150, but as we said, they’ll be out of stock for some time.

So what do you folks think, is this watch great for you or are you waiting for version 2.0? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Guardian | Image via Kickstarter

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texasghost said,
Oh lovely. Now when you get a text message and you raise your wrist to read it while you're driving....CRAAASH.

Is that how you became texasghost?

The watch doesn't run a mobile phone OS. It connects to the phone via bluetooth and the phone has to issue API calls to the watch so it can display information.

I'm surprised people are so interested in this, but perhaps it just doesn't suit my lifestyle. If I have my smartphone with me, is a wristwatch display really that much more convenient than looking at the phone? Granted, I work in an office with my phone sitting on my desk in front of me, but I guess if I worked in a retail environment (where looking at a phone would be frowned upon), I wouldn't need to take my phone out of my pocket while slinging lattes for customers. Is this the big draw of the device?
Also, I wear my watches somewhat like "jewelry" because I think they are unique or beautiful timepieces. The Pebble watches aren't really what I'd consider a thing of beauty.

This thing would own if it was developed a decade ago.. As for your take on it, I feel the same way. Its a great novelty. but not functional in my life. The week kickstarter had it was the week my timex died and I gave up on wrist watches. Couldn't be happer. My cell phone does everything and more this could ever do, except fit on my wrist.
I heavily contemplated jumping on the kickstarter, but at a price point 10x more expensive than any other watch I ever bought and the HUGE lead time to market - I couldn't justify the expense. Sony and a few others make them now, at competitive prices. They are not as open however as pebble will be. and Sony screams failure to me with how terrible their recent products preform.

Check out Android (nothing to do with Google) watches, or if your pocket permits, Romain Jerome. You just might start to wear watches again.

1) hate analog watches with a passion
2) can't have any metal contact with skin unless its 18K+ gold
3) I would want all the features my $15 timex had, like chrono, timer, alarm, backlight/indigo, date, 15M waterproof, etc.

Seems those watches are even less for me than a pebble would be. I also prefer to buy huge appliances with $500+ dollars, not watches I will scratch and/or lose.

Would have picked up two when they were doing the Kickstarter campaign if they'd had Windows Phone support. Hopefully with all of that extra cash they'll be able to do something for WP8. If that happens I'll gladly start throwing money at my screen.

I did not get a chance to purchase one during the Kickstarter period due to funds however, i have stashed away the cash and when it is released publicly plan on purchasing one.