SpaceX Has Finally Made History and Reached Orbit!

SpaceX, a private company established by Elon Musk the founder of Paypal, has once again attempted to successfully launch a shuttle into space.

This launch comes after the failure of the Falcon 1 (Flight 3). During Flight 3, a problem occurred just after the first separation which prevented the second stage from occurring and from reaching orbit. According to their press release, "SpaceX was aware of and had allowed for a thrust transient, but did not expect it to last that long. As it turned out, a very small increase in the time between commanding main engine shutdown and stage separation would have been enough to save the mission. The fix was also very simple, requiring one line of code to be changed."

The Falcon 1 (Flight 4) is carrying only a payload mass simulator of approximately 364 pounds, the last doomed shuttle was carrying the Trailblazer, two CubeSats (one of which was NASA's NanoSail-D) for the Air Force and MDA and unfortunately, also carried the remains of astronaut Gordon Cooper and the actor James Doohan from Star Trek.

At T+4 minutes into the launch, the Falcon 1 (Flight 4) was at an altitude of 200km and had successfully completed two separations without exploding!

At T+10 minutes the launch has been considered successful and opens the door for the privatization of the exploration of space.

Congratulations to SpaceX for their first successful launch and for making history in being the first private corporation to put a rocket into orbit!

Link: SpaceX

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while reading some of this comments i came to the conclusion that 99% of earths population is either stupid or immature.

Do you really think they launch rockets above a major metroplitan area? Do you really think there are no safety measures? And do you really think the profit paypal made went right into space exploration?

Please, grow up! This is a major achievement that could mean "cheaper" sattelites.

The founder of paypal and ebay can build a ROCKET!?
And they insist they need to raise prices all the time so this ****ing moron can build a bloody ROCKET!?
I hope he gets hit by a bloody bus then, selfish money grabbing tosser

I find it disturbing that anyone with enough money to build a rocket can launch it into space. There are a hundred ways this could go wrong and end up killing a ton of people. If this thing sputters out on the way and crashes back down into a major metropolitan area the damage could be huge. What about all the satellites in orbit? What happens if some moron screws up and wrecks a few of them? That is potentially billions of dollars in damages. Do they have insurance for that? I would guess probably not. You should not be able to play NASA wannabe just because you have enough money.

Or even worst, they can buy a rocket for a not-so-friendly-purpose. Soon Disney Corps will have one nuclear missile or two.

damn thats awesome... and I bet they did it at a fraction of the budget NASA would have required for a similar trip

(Shiranui said @ #4)
Next stop, the moon.
Then Mars.

Well someone has to get to Mars, not like NASA will ever get there, they can't even get back to the Moon as it stands now.

(z0phi3l said @ #4.1)

Well someone has to get to Mars, not like NASA will ever get there, they can't even get back to the Moon as it stands now.

No point in going back to the moon, it's a dust covered rock. Only purpose it might is a launchpad for future missions to other bodies in our solar system.