The SNES is the greatest console of all time

Over the past few months, I decided to go back in time and relive the days of old. Instead of wasting my day doing things that just weren't productive, I decided to get all of my old consoles out (NES, Genesis, SNES, 3DO, 32X, Sega CD, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 1 and 2 and the Nintendo 64) to finally make the decision on which console is truly the best of all-time (so far).

And while the decision was a difficult one -- it's tough to beat Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. -- it seemed almost too simple to declare the SNES the greatest console of all-time. When it comes to gaming, most people will claim (and rightfully so) that Nintendo has been a trailblazer in the industry. Without the company having the courage to bring video games back to the states in the '80s, the chances of us enjoying this multi-billion dollar industry would be slim.

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I had the most entertainment moments playing on The Intellivision but have to agree that the NES is the king of consoles. NES + Super Mario Bros (and maybe Tetris) created the market that now Sony and MS targets.

I owned a megadrive, only because the snes wasnt available in my country at the time.

I played most of the snes games on emulators, and I still play them till this day! They were timeless...

I wish they would start the snes production lines again! I would DEFINITELY buy one...

I would them rather take todays technology and make a really GREAT looking 2D game than a 3D one. Do it like the old rpgs for the snes and just make them look FANTASTIC!

Didn't one of the Sonic games do that? Uhh... Sonic and the Secret Rings or something like that? I'm a Sonic fan, but these 3D attempts are just miserable compared to the 2D originals in my opinion (except the Sonic Adventure series). I mean, the Game Gear and Master System Sonic games were more fun than Sonic Heroes! I'd love to see 3D recreations of the old levels, and the return of the fabled/scrapped zones like the Hidden Palace, Dust Hill and Genocide City Zones. In fact, it'd be nice to play the levels from the Sonic 2 beta that were scrapped, but I doubt that will happen. Hehe... Pink Casino Night Zone anybody? :P

+1 for SNES. My console, games, and controllers all still work very well. Even after 15 years! I doubt my xbox 360 will last that long.

(Shadrack said @ #15)
+1 for SNES. My console, games, and controllers all still work very well. Even after 15 years! I doubt my xbox 360 will last that long.

I'm on my third and it's been running strong. But since I have a warranty on it until 2010, I don't even worry about that too much now. It breaks, I'll send it back while playing my PS3 the whole time it's gone.

when i was a kid, i used to be a sega fan but like the author, after coming back to the retro consoles and although the sega md had some great games (sonic series, streets of rage, road rash, ecco) i think the snes somehow captured the very best of the 16 bit era. street fighter 2 turbo, starfox, mario, donkey kong country, all amazing at the time but more importantly new experiences on a home console.

actually, i think if anything nintendo is having a renaissance of late - mario galaxy for me certainly captures the magic i felt playing those 16 bit games all those years ago and the feeling of that massive jump from the 8 bit era. i hope nintendo can keep it up and just keep pushing out great new experiences.

I could see a few reasons that the SNES was so well-remembered:

-It was the pinnacle of 2D technology. When you saw the shift to the PS1 and its generation, virtually everything went 3D.

Old 2D graphics aged a lot better than old 3D ones.

-It was one of the last consoles before the disc standard. It seems like the availability of cheaply manufactured disc games correlates with the higher amounts of shovelware on the newer consoles.

-It was just before the "every platform ports" era really began. You saw a few migrations (big RPGs from the PC, mostly, and some later games), but the SNES library was different significantly from the Genesis library.

I haven't played them all, but I have played NES, SNES, Genesis/Mega Drive, 32X, Sega CD/Mega CD, N64, PS1/PSX, PS2, and Sega Saturn. I must say that while I enjoyed Sega leading me into the 3D gaming world with the 32X, SCD/MCD, and Saturn, the SNES still has the best replay value for me. The Genesis/Mega Drive with its 32X and SCD/MCD addons comes in a close second, however (thanks to the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games along with its related games like Knuckles Chaotix 32X), followed by the NES. As much as I enjoy the 3D Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts, and other RPGs, I still find the old Final Fantasy games, Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior games and similar to be the most fun, even to this day. Of course, now I play such games emulated since my SNES finally gave up a couple of years ago. Even with a computer keyboard, those games rock!

(Skyfrog said @ #4.2)
Has anyone played any Playstation 1 games lately? Gah, they look so horrible. Early 3D graphics have definately not aged well. :)

yeah i agree! ... cause from what i remembered in my head about a game called Gran Turismo on PS1 i thought it was worse than todays standards but atleast close..... and about a year ish or two back i fired it up at someones house and i was like "O MY GOD, i cant believe i used to play this!" it was that outdated lol

i agree with Mieky242 ... ill bet he has to much memories for SNES as to why he said it was the best. (but then again wont be all do that as to how WE would pick our "greatest console of all time"? )

i was born in 1979 ... so the furthest i remember is the Atari 2600 (but i dont remember to much since i was pretty young) ... although i can remember NES quite good ... so you might as well say i grew up with NES or newer so i would think i would qualify for the "old times" for the most part.

so basically if you cant count anything newer than N64 (1996) (which i got one when it was new on first few days of release ) ... i think from what i remember i had better times on NES overall more than SNES personally, although i did play one of my all time favorite games on SNES which was UMK3 (Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3) (which i now have on MAME emulator for the PC and it's MUCH better than SNES etc since it's arcade perfect copy)

but the original article counts ps2 but not xbox?... no way! (i personally think the xbox was a better console more than the ps2 was overall especially if you count moding ability's... but even stricktly games i would take XBox over PS2 myself... even though im sure on mainstream scale most people would choose PS2)

personally i think you should have two categories .... prior to 3D era (before 1995-96, in other words before psone/n64) and then have one from psone/n64 or newer (not counting xbox360/ps3/wii as those are to new) ... between the psone/n64 thing i would choose N64 over psone myself cause i had much more memories on N64 then i did psone cause i dont think i ever got a psone til like 1998-1999ish... so i pretty much missed the original psone era... but i had my n64 since they came out in 1996 (i dont have it now as i sold it back in roughly 2000-2001ish) ... main thing i remember about N64 is mainly these games ... Wave Race 64 - GoldenEye - Mortal Kombat Trilogy - Mario 64 (mario 64 was probably my overall worst of the 4 though) , those where pretty much my bread and butter games for that system as i dont really remember many games besides that as far as really playing the crap out of em.

but out of the 2D era ... i would choose NES overall more than SNES myself... Genesis i think i overall liked more than SNES but that could have been mainly cause my cousin back in those days had one. lol

just some thoughts

Hey come on, the SNES is amazing! Nintendo need to re-run the production line, I'd definately buy one

Pffft my days on the VCS (2600) were my favorite.

How can you declare one console the best when you never played on them all??

Like saying my Vectra is the best car of all time, and I've only driven about 7 other cars.

Well I have played them all and nostalgia aside I think the SNES definately had the most fun selection of games, and timeless as well. To me they are still as much fun to play today as they were when it came out. My first console was a ColecoVision (though I had the Atari 2600 adapter for it so I should count it also) and second was an NES. They were really fun but seeing Super Mario World and A Link to the Past for the first time was amazing. It's all kind of gone downhill since then. My last console was a Dreamcast. A friend of mine has a PS3, my cousin has a 360. They're ok but I feel like I'm playing ordinary PC games on them.