The Ten Biggest Computer Flops of All Time

Thanks to slimy for the heads-up on this one in Back Page News.

From the blog of software engineer Miguel Carrasco comes a list that never fails to raise a smile - the "what were we thinking" list of the computer world.

Encompassing both hardware and software alike, the list criticises products like the Apple 3, a rediculously expensive $7,800 machine aimed at the high-end business market and Microsoft's infamous Windows ME, which is regarded by many as a step down from the previous operating system, Windows 98.

As funny as the list may seem, some of the figures thrown around are frightening. A lot of money went into these flops, maybe it's about time manufacturers started learning from their mistakes.

Link: The Ten Biggest Computer Flops of All Time
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I have Microsoft Bob on my pc and i can assure you, it's freaking annoying! Everytime you click something you get that stupid Blob sound... And then the dog, or the worm, or the cat, or...

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