The Top Reasons Users Call The IT Help Desk

A new study released by SupportSoft, a provider of technology-glitch automation software, evaluated about 2 million call logs for 20 large global companies and found five problem areas contribute to 75% of the calls corporate help desks get. SupportSoft has been analyzing corporate call logs quarterly for the last two years, but this is the first time it has made its findings public, says James Morehead, the company's VP of product marketing. Corporate IT help desks receive calls regarding password problems (20%), including the need to reset them, systems issues (16%), such as hardware failures, enterprise software problems (16%), such as trouble accessing Enterprise Resource Planning applications, connectivity issues (12%), like trouble accessing a Virtual Private Network and e-mail complaints (11%), like being unable to open a message.

News source: InformationWeek

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Don't forget the people who think the "Start button" is the computer's power button.

Or people who think that those e-Mail thingys are called "voicemails".

If you want to work at a job where a computer is involved, you should have to pass a basic computer competency test before hired. How we have "professionals" on computers that can't remember a single password or know what CTRL+ALT+DEL means is beyond me.

LOL... Homer Simpson

'There doesn't seem to be any any key! All this computer hacking is making me thirsty... I think I'll order a tab!'

dam true. our support desk currenty serves more than 7,000 users and most of our calls are for account password resets. it's mad. you could have one user calling up and then within 30mins they would call back again to get it reset yet again simply because they might have forgotten to take caps lock off. lol
user error is always the main cause of problems, i would say printer problems are the lowest on our list.

Haha it's so true. Almost every day someone is calling me saying "I've been locked out!" or "I forgot my password!"