The Ultimate Wallpaper

Check out the download section. It was looking empty, so we created something special just for Ultimate users. We got the awesome graphics artists on the Windows Experience team to create unique static wallpapers for your desktop. They gave us two compelling images that we're offering to you in three resolutions.

We think the images cover the gamut of displays. Even those of you with Ultimate-worthy 30-inch flat panel monitors will find something to fit your screen. The resolutions available include both 4:3 and widescreen versions.

Whether you don't want to install the preview version of Windows DreamScene that's fine!, have a computer running Ultimate that doesn't support Windows Aero, or just prefer backgrounds that don't move, these images might be just the thing for you. Enjoy!

Download: Windows Ultimate (Wallpapers)
Link: Windows Ultimate Blog

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No it was a way to get the business and media features in one. Ultimate Extras was just a nice thing they announced really late in the piece, hell like Jan some time. If you dont need both media and or business features then Ultimate probably was a waste for you but thats not MS fault.

Vista Ultimate x64 was the most expensive downgrade I've ever bought. Good job I bought the OEM copy, otherwise I'd have been really...annoyed

you guys complaining about the x64 version obviously have no idea what you are doing. besides driver support there isn't any difference really.

JustinTime said,
Is this web site an official MS site? I've been wondering.

>>©2007 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.<<

The strands are the sexiest of the two...and my new wallpaper! (Matches black aero nicely) I was dead set on the yellow/turquoise energy default wallpaper/dreamscene. I'd like to see an "ultimate" theme pushed to genuine ultimate users!! I don't know what it would be but something unique that non-ultimate ppl would want hehe.

Do people *really* love the Windows logo so much that they want it displayed all over their desktop?
Weird. :P

Im with you on that. I seen wallpapers with a picture of the video card a person is using and im like ???

I think I will put a picture of my mouse next or a picture of my monitor showing a picture of my monitor showing a picture of my monitor....

I sent them a message to remove the branding. I think the logo detracts from it because if you bought ultimate (like I did) than chances are you don't need to be reminded from the wallpaper.

Does anyone know anything about the wallpapers/video desktops in that video? I would like to get a copy of the one with the moving green lines.


Ahh bum

I just downloaded the ultimate start image but it kinda looks funny when the windows sidebar is sitting over the top of it - or does no-one at MS use the sidebar?

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