The Ultimate Windows Vista laptop

The most visible part of Windows Vista is the Aero interface, and while we can't deny that it looks very swish we find it very hard to get excited by a shiny new GUI. Instead, we're looking forward to new Vista hardware, which includes a new use for the humble USB memory key and much, much more. So what will the ultimate Windows Vista notebook offer? Possibly the most dramatic new feature in Vista is Windows SideShow, shown here on the Asus W5Fe which will have an estimated price of £1,399 inc VAT.

You shouldn't have much trouble running Vista on any recent laptop, provided it has decent graphics, but if you want to make the most of the new operating system you'll need specific hardware. The W5Fe is significant because it's the first Vista-specific laptop to break cover, as opposed to a laptop that can run Vista.SideShow uses a secondary screen and a cut-down OS - which we assume is a form of Windows Mobile - so you can check email, look up a phone number or check your schedule without the need to start Vista.

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When the Longhorn program was first announced to devs, it included a combination of hardware and software that would put hackers out of business. However, MS starting cutting parts of the larger program and the secure hardware was the first to go. Too costly and it was taking too much time-the latter is an MS hallmark.

It is odd-had they pullled this off, Microsoft would have been able to set standards for both-a total give-away.

Well, It may be just my opinion but I think that screen is far from useful, apart from making you e-penis bigger.