The United States is a hive for botnets

McAfee Labs research has revealed that the United States of America is the world's number one country for hosting active botnet command servers, beating out other contenders on the list by a huge margin. The security company found a whopping 631 servers in the country in control of botnets, with clusters of hundreds in unsurprising places such as California and New York.

Second on the list is, surprisingly, the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean: a territory with only 27,800 people, but apparently with 237 active botnet command servers. Third on the list is The Netherlands with 154, which contributes to a hotspot of botnet command servers in that region of Europe amounting to 270 servers; the most dense of any region in the world. Here's the top 10 list of countries with active botnet command servers:

  1. United States – 631
  2. British Virgin Islands- 237
  3. Netherlands – 154
  4. Russia – 125
  5. Germany – 95
  6. Korea – 81
  7. Switzerland – 77
  8. Australia – 63
  9. China – 48
  10. Canada – 38

According to McAfee they have "clear view" of where botnet threats are located around the world, thanks to millions of McAfee endpoints that are constantly reporting to the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence in the cloud. McAfee declined to detail what the security company was doing to stop currently active botnets, but we bet they aren't just sitting around with this sort of information.

Source: McAfee

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mlowijs said,
Wow, that's alot of botnets for such a small country like the Netherlands! Wonder why there are so many there...

The reason is because their government will not cooperate with authorities so you operate your command centre out of there and just VPN in!

blade1269 said,
I support a national, Windows format day! For real... Who's with me?

Hopefully nobody running any version of Windows that is newer than Win98. (Even they it was just STUPID, when it was so easy to fix problems.)

PS Virtually none of these botnets are running Windows. FYI. (Thank Linux, FreeBSD, etc.)