The Weather Channel Windows 8 app gets major revamp

The first version of the Weather Channel app for Windows 8 and RT devices was released in November, a couple of weeks after Windows 8 launched. It was a pretty bare bones app at the time in terms of features but the cable TV network behind the app slowly added more in later updates.

Today, The Weather Channel launched a major new update for the Windows 8 app, which includes an all new user interface. Gone are the "towers" that showed the weather forecast. Instead, the app presents the forecast and other weather information in rows of boxes in a look that has a more "Modern" feel to it.

Along with the change in the interface, the new Weather Channel app for Windows 8 adds severe weather alerts to the mix, along with more information on the current weather conditions such as wind and humidity. There's also an easier way to look back at previous weather data. The app also includes better integration with Microsoft's Bing Maps.

The new version also adds a better video player so that users can view content from the Weather Channel cable TV network. The Windows 8 live tile has added more information when you see the app running on the Start screen. Finally, there have been some unnamed bug fixes and performance improvements.

Source: Windows Store | Image via Weather Channel

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I had to kill the app in order for it to ask me the last setup question. Real nice feature there. It's working now but really? I've encountered that error in other apps before though.... hmm.

For those complaining about the rounded corners... it is clear that this is not a design based on Metro, but instead based on LCARS. Trekkies and older folks here will know what I am talking about.

I'm familiar with what LCARS looks like, and that's what I thought at first too. I've seen other mockups with Windows 8 in mind, but they all look terrible. I never thought LCARS was a practical interface, and don't see why people want to emulate something that was never that good.

I don't think even the latest Star Trek movies use that kind of interface.

Does the Live Tile update the current temp on its own yet? When I used a previous version, the Live Tile only updated when the app was opened again, which sort of defeated the purpose of the tile.

If they can revamp their Weather app, why the H can't Microsoft revamp their horrible xbox music app or windows phone app!?!?!?!?!?!?! SO FRUSTRAITING!!

Everyone knows that the 1st party apps are being reconstructed as we speak. Same reason we don't have the windows blue update... because its not ready yet. Microsoft doesn't use magic, they use currency.

1. I didn't see anywhere where they said they are currently working on it.
2. Why does Blue need to come out first? These apps won't be compatible unless you have the blue upgrade?

I don't like the rounded corners either, or the page up/down arrows. The deisgner(s) seem confused as to what Metro design is, or is constricted because of time/budget, and just went with what's used in their Android app.

The same goes for certain Wp8 apps. I chose a Windows Phone in part because I really like the design language. I'm grateful for the amount of apps already in the store, but I don't understand why the designers want to pollute their apps with a design borrowed from iOS or Android (e.g. the "Hamburger" button, or the featherpen-in-a-box edit-button)

Edited by heimlich, Mar 20 2013, 4:44pm :

More than that , the weather icons are ugly, as well as the arrows, and lack of padding for some of the text. The rounded corners are probably the least of the design problems.

You can pin other locations to the start page and just rid of the default one.
One thing though, the "chance of precipitation" thing is annoying me. There is a NO chance of rain as it's -15C out!!!

BoDEAN said,
Still defaults to NYC weather................

Just right click, and click the "home" button on your city, that will make it your home location for both the app and the tile.

Seriously not that difficult.