The White House gets social

Barack Obama successfully utilised new social web tools during his election campaign, to gain both support and fundraising. However, with only 3 updates on his official Twitter account since his inauguration many were wondering whether the president and his team would be able to keep up the social activities that they ran so well in the past.

Today, the White House has launched a new official Twitter page to keep web savvy citizens up to date with the latest news and information. You can probably imagine that Obama himself is too busy to keep his old Twitter account up to date so this new account is a perfect vehicle for others in the White House to tweet on his behalf and keep people informed about what's going on.

It should be noted though that this is not the first time the White House has appeared on Twitter: the Bush Administration ran the (now-defunct) account. This username, along with all tweets and followers, has now disappeared although as Gawker point out you can still see some of the old messages in Google's cache - apparently there were more than 1,500 in total.

The White House blog also notes that you can follow their activities on various other Web 2.0 social media sites:

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Clearly the White House is among the 60% that sign up and then don't bother coming back. There's a reason Twitter's drop-out rate is so high. A good reason.

In my day, organizations kept in touch with customers, fans, or the public with a thing called a website. Ahh, those were the days.

-1 Wrong, failure.

The thing is, it feels so much more friendly when they come to your own communites. They used to back in the day of the first presidents, they just went outside, but now the United States is huge and populated. The days of the Internet and it's most popular communities connecting everyone makes it possible for famous people such as our presidents to stay connected in this world we have today. Jessica Simpson had her own show, it showed her life, but it still felt professional, you didn't feel like you could connect with her. But here is Lady GaGa, she has so-called transmissions she posts on her website and on other online communities, like YouTube, her friends record her days of the week or herself and take two to four minutes out of that and put it on a video, and she speaks with her fans sometimes using these videos. It feels so much more friendly, and makes her fans feel special and helps them get up-to-date on her life as being Lady GaGa. Now with Obama getting closer to his people, it makes everybody feel happy with their president, and it feels like they voted for somebody who does their job just the way they wanted it done, it actually makes us feel like we don't have a king or queen but instead a president who listens to his people. It is much better this way, live with it.