The world wide web turns twenty

The Internet has reached its twentieth birthday today, since the first ever webpage was posted online. Written only as a placeholder page by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in HTML, the page has reached its twentieth anniversary today. In order to celebrate the creation of this page by Berners-Lee, it has been mirrored to allow a glimpse into the Internet as it appeared in 1991. It serves as an important reminder for all that the Internet has achieved, as well as all it has done.

Within the space of those twenty years, the Internet evolved to its present state. Online banking, video sharing and gaming were ideas that may never have been envisioned when the world wide web became a reality. The web has played a part in capturing criminals, both in the act and in years afterwards. The web has also helped in some 'regime changes', with citizens making their voice heard to the world on a medium in which everyone is equal, theoretically.

Thanks to services such as Wikipedia and Google, the sum of human knowledge is also much closer than it was only twenty years ago. The web has helped immeasurably with school projects and research, and has managed to connect a large amount of the world together. In the future it could be said that creation of the web was one of the defining moments of the twentieth century, if not the key moment itself.

Technically speaking, the Internet itself has existed for longer than twenty years, but for most people the web, and websites themselves, are the Internet. Services such as the Pine email client pre-dated the creation of the web. Pine itself first appeared in 1989 as a project in the University of Washington. Email itself is older than email services on the web, such as Google Mail, which may come as a rather surprising fact.

In the space of roughly nine years, it was estimated that the Internet had exceeded nine billion webpages. This monumental moment was reached around 2000. Using WorldWideWebSize, the current size of the Internet is roughly around 17.91 billion pages. Considering that it took nine years for the first billion pages to be achieved, and in the space of eleven years afterwards this figure expanded more than seventeen times, it is clear the Internet is only going to grow until something else phases it out or pushes it to extinction. The chances of that are remote, to say the least.

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Hey can we correct the first Sentence. I know for some of you, the Web is the Internet. But the Internet predates the WEB by about by 22 years, if you count back to the beginning of Arpanet, If you count back to the Current protocols in use tcp/ip, then we get to 1981, and the concept of the Internet started in 1982. 9 years before the Web. well as defined with the first "web" page. and the HTTP protocol.

Yes I have been on the Internet in one form or another since the early 80's. I remember this WWW concept arriving and playing with Mosaic in the early days.

It just blows my mind to think that now anyone with a PC can put their own computer on the internet and make it a FTP, Web, Email or some sort of server for the world to use at their whim for free.

I don't know if anyone else thinks of it as this, but I tend to view the WWW as sort of a City. You have your Shopping Districts, Red Light District (Porn), Residential Zones (Personal Blogs, pages etc), Industrial Districts (sort of a mix of downloads, and programming corners), Health Districts, The Ghetto (Warez, Viruses, Hackerz etc), and The Law Enforcement (newly being created with all the new ISP regulations in the US) and even Transportation (VPN, Tunnels etc).

Here's to another 20 years of WWW and hopefully by then HTML 10.

PINE = "Pine is not elm." Elm was around in the mid 80s.

I'm not sure if I should be feeling old or not. I've been on the internet since around '88. Was still in high school but had a friend of a friend who was in college and had a VAX/VMS account that I was allowed to play around with. Later I got a UNIX account from a friend in college. I had no concept of networking, but realized that if you "telnet" to random numbers, sometimes things happened (I used to play online MUDs). Nobody had any authentication on their internet applications back in the day so there were a LOT of things you could play with, ala Wargames. I still remember freaking out when I connected to a US Military site with a big banner that basically said, "If you're connecting here and you're not supposed to, we're going to hunt you down and arrest you." I quickly logged out and was freaked out! The next day a black van was parked in front of my house. Probably a coincidence.... Right?

Ahh, the good ol' days.

20 years ago. i been on since 1995 myself (16 years basically) which is when we first got a PC and used the internet in our home.

Happy, happy... and now grow up and start acting like a serious and responsible being instead of being such a f*cking mess of whoever has a bigger dollar d*ck at the moment.

Uh, okay. I'll give that it has one more year under American jurisdiction to do so.

Kushan said,
Aren't the world wide web and the internet two different things, really?
Yes, the internet is the infrastructure and the world wide web is a service over that infrastructure, i.e. the internet is the cables, the web is the text documents sent over those cables.

war said,
And exactly 1 week later is my birthday. Creepy!

Just glad I was born on a Monday instead of Friday.

whats wrong with .... Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday?

Fridays are so Fun Fun Fun that I am always Looking Forward to the Weekend

It seems like only yesterday the Internet was just a series if tubes. /sniff

Oh how much we've grown :')

Since web is 20 years old today, than the browser is too. Right?

Happy birthday to both Browser and Web!

FMH said,
Since web is 20 years old today, than the browser is too. Right?

Happy birthday to both Browser and Web!

Actually the browser is older
20years the protocol has been accepted browser and server was there before

And strangely enough, it's the day where Twitter has stood still. The timelines are not refreshing so no tweets are coming through.

TechDudeGeorge said,
And strangely enough, it's the day where Twitter has stood still. The timelines are not refreshing so no tweets are coming through.

Fine for me