Thecus announces N2310, NAS that consumes 5W of power

It's no secret that we love cheap, feature-rich storage devices in our homes. Back in 2011, we reviewed both the four bay Synology DS411 and the two bay Synology DS212 and loved them both. Now we receive news that Thecus, a company founded in 2004, has released the N2310 NAS device in the North American market.

The device has a gigabit Ethernet port, one USB 2.0 port, and one USB 3.0 port. While it has many features that we've come to expect, such as a built-in BitTorrent client and RAID support, the N2310 also touts extreme energy efficiency: The company claims that the N2310 consumes a mere 5W of power, and therefore will cost only $5.03 a year (on average) to run this box in your home.

We've contacted the company and they've agreed to provide Neowin with a review unit, so we're looking forward to testing these claims in the real world, and comparing it to some of their competitors. At only $170, Thecus could have a real winner on their hands.

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NAS was recently tested by the german magazine C´t 1/2014 page 106ff.
Unfortunately the mentiond 5W which equals to a HDD spin-down scenario was not installed / working. So 5W is not feasible yet. C´t measured 14W/15W idle/load with two 3TB WD HDD.
Looking to their specs also does not disclose any transparent info on power usage in different use cases (idle/load/HDD spund-down) as avail. from other vendors

Thecus is useless product with equally bad warranty and dealer atleast in india. Even their corporate level product are piece of junk.

exograpix said,
Thecus is useless product with equally bad warranty and dealer atleast in india. Even their corporate level product are piece of junk.

How so? They just break? Don't work well? What should I be looking for?

They've never worked as advertised, especially with speed/throughput. As soon as I'd have more than one file being accessed at a time, for example, the unit would freeze and/or crash entirely, requiring a reboot. After numerous upgrades, we relegated the unit to purely a backup capacity and even then we were never sure if it was ever really working properly.

excalpius said,
I've never found a Thecus product that worked well or even as advertised yet.

I've never even heard of them before (probably because they were in the U.S. before), so it'll be interesting to see how it works.

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5w? As cool as that sounds, I don't believe it.
Got an old 20GB maxtor drive I just picked up, 5v rail needs 559ma, that's 2.5w of power needed on the 5v rail alone, add in the 600ma needed on the 12v rail and you've got 7.2w + 2.5w = ~10w... I really can't see an entire NAS using less power for the whole thing than a hard drive that'd be inside it.

But will this put my HP P2000 StoreageWorks dual cabinet with redundant fiber switches with 24 disks out of business? </s>

5W? Must be some cheap slow cpu

Bingo, a 800MHz 2011 era PPC derivative. Don't expect anything but the included FTP and Bittorent client/servers to correctly run on it