Theme Manager 2004

Theme Manager 2004 is a new freeware program that lets users work with all their skins, themes, icons, and wallpapers together from one place.

It can apply the visual styles / skins from most of the popular programs including WindowBlinds, Windows Media Player, Winamp, MSStyles, along with icon packages, wallappers, and more.

Moreover, users can download "Suites", these are single files that contain all the skins/themes/icons to create a full desktop.

Users can also take a virtual snapshot of their desktop and save it as their own .suite file.

Download: Download at

Screenshot: >> Click here <<

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Yes, everything gets packaged inside the .SUITE file.

WindowBlinds doesn't disable the themes service btw. It looks at the windowsresourcesthemes directory and sees what .msstyles are in there.

LOL, indeed.'s a pain in the butt in WMP to go and find where to change the skin and this makes it trivial to change between them in a flash BUT it doesn't show the preview so it "sucks". It includes previews for most of the things which believe me wasn't trivial.

The main point of the program is to hve a single place to manage all this stuff. And you can take a snapshot of your desktop and have it saved as a single file. So next time you make a screenshot and someone says "Hey, I love that, how did you do it" you can just pass them the .suite file and a link to Theme Manager and it takes care of the rest.