Thieves hijack truck with lots of Xbox 360s

Back in September, Xbox Europe launched a new TV and cinema advertising campaign called 'Cops and Robbers'. The ad, features three 'robbers' wearing ski masks running away from 'cops', holding what looks like a bag of stolen goods. It seems that the commercial inspired some British thieves to "jump in".

United Press International reported over the Thanksgiving weekend that a group of thieves hijacked a truck full of Xbox 360 consoles worth about 750,000 pounds ($1.4 million) in Staffordshire, England.

The thieves, who were believed to be driving a Range Rover and Rover saloon, indicated to the truck driver to slow down. He did so believing that they were informing him of something stuck under his wheels. Once he stopped he was attacked by three men.

The Staffordshire police is asking for witnesses to the hijacking as well as appealing for information from anyone who is offered this merchandise in suspicious circumstances.

Video: Cops and Robbers advertisement
News source: TeamXbox

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"Step On The Gas Man"

I dont know about you but if I was driving a truck full of expensive games consoles and some men in a Range Rover told be stop I sure the hell wouldn't. Those 2500 or whatever systems are on bound to be on eBay right now.

lol yes, in realization that their console is a major flop and a POS, they jacked as many xbox 360's as they could in an attempt at a better means of competition instead of pushing their ps3 up against it

This reminds me a similar (opening) scene of The Fast And The Furious movie where the "team" hijacks a truck full of VCRs and other electronic appliances. Somewhat cool I could say - on the other hand I hope the truckers dont get the law to their own hands with pump action shotguns and the rest. I guess this team live their life a quarter mile at a time like Dom.

Quote - Martin Q Blank said @ #4
And the first time those consoles show up on Live.....

... they will all have been chipmodded to appear to be legit systems.

Quote - Croquant said @ #4.1

... they will all have been chipmodded to appear to be legit systems.

Chip modded 360s?

hijack? This didn't happen in an airplane, why dont they use a better word? I know..pirate is used for internet piracy, not just on sea...but still, why not just "robbed", "Stole", etc.