Third party Facebook Windows Phone apps facing removal

Last week, Microsoft launched its beta program for the official Windows Phone Facebook app, starting with a new version that is a major improvement compared to previous apps. Now it looks like Facebook is going after all those third party apps in the Windows Phone Store that use its name. reports that Facebook has sent a letter to Microsoft informing them of 41 third party Facebook apps are in violation of Facebook's trademarks. It's more than likely that Microsoft will insist that the developers behind these apps change them so they don't violation Facebook's rights or remove them from the Windows Store entirely.

Many of the apps in the Windows Phone Store are clear attempts to confuse people into thinking they are "official" Facebook apps, but there are a few of them which are trying to create solid third party software for Microsoft's mobile OS. With the official Facebook app now getting some much needed developer support, it's likely that Facebook wants to make sure any third party apps are not trying to openly use their name or their logo.

The Windows Store section for Windows 8 apps is also filled with third party Facebook apps, many of which use the Facebook name and/or logo in their apps. However, Facebook has yet to release or authorized an official Windows 8 app.

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The logo. And, technically, unless they obtain permission, they can't be giving direct-feed access only for the site, would have to offer more than just Facebook.

For using their trademarks (i.e. the 'facebook' name, logo, app icon, etc.) without having permission. They don't want users to be confused between the third-party apps and the official one. For example, the official one Microsoft made has rights to the trademarks, but the third-party ones in that list do not.

siah1214 said,
A lot of them are just wrappers for the page, so no great loss here.

True enough... For apps where that's the case I have no problem with this. Real apps I'm hoping are given the opportunity to still be made available to users. There is nothing wrong with competition, even if they are all still using Facebook's backend. LOL