Third party Kinect for Media Center software released

With the launch earlier in February of the Kinect for Windows hardware along with the 1.0 version of the SDK, we are starting to see the first commercial products show up that use the Windows 7 version of Microsoft's motion gesture device. This week, a third party developer released Kinect for Media Center, which allows the user to use hand gestures and voice commands to interact with the Media Center user interface in Windows 7.

The software, which is not officially released or endorsed by Microsoft, also allows hand gestures to control Media Center add-in services such as Netflix. In addition, Kinect for Media Center can be configured so that any audio that comes from the Media Center won't trigger any of Kinect's voice commands.

The Kinect for Media Center device is only designed to work for the Kinect for Windows hardware device. The FAQ page on the Kinect for Media Center web site says that while it could run on the Kinect for Xbox 360 hardware, there is no official support from the developer for such a set up.

You can check out a live video demo of Kinect for Media Center in the video above this post. The developer of the software is now selling it for $6.99 and is also taking donations.

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that is horrible. He needs to make smaller tighter gestures, AND there is no reason he can't. Terrible implementation. I can simple wave my hand on Xbox Kinect home screen (which is still far from perfect) to go screen to screen. The only place Kinect really shines is on some games, and voice recogntion for Bing search. There is still a LOT of work to do, but I do like the potential. I just don't want MS's potential to turn in to Apples reality all over again.

Fish said,
Fun and geeky, for sure, but I don't see any advantage to this over a normal Media Center remote.

It's harder to lose your voice than it is to lose your remote

kurupy said,

It's harder to lose your voice than it is to lose your remote
Also, anyone can control it. Eg, friends are over and someone needs to run to the bathroom, they can just say "Pause" and then go.

This joins in the growing bunch of Voice controlled TV. Nuance, the makers of dragon dictate are releasing their speech controlled TV in may so that will be interesting to see how it works.

Looks really great.

Ok I'm lying, it looks downright clunky and slow - any remote would be preferable to the current generation motion tracking technology.

warwagon said,
Just give me a fracking Media Center remote for christ sake!

Stores such as Walmart, Bestbuy, etc., they have remotes for Media Center which they have green win-flag button on them.

Not believe me? Look up on the internet and see for yourself.

warwagon said,
Just give me a fracking Media Center remote for christ sake!

As Shozilla - there's about £10 from Amazon too.

Although personally I prefer using a Logitech Harmony so I just have the one remote as well as having it setup exactly how I want.

Cyborg_X said,
He needs to invert the gestures.

Wish it would work on the Xbox, with voice command overlay. That's all I use it for, yelling "xbox pause/start" on Netflix. lol Yelling at the TV is somewhat fun.

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