Third party Surface Pro case seeks Kickstarter funding

There's a definitely lack of cases and covers made especially for Microsoft's Surface tablets. Sure, Microsoft sells the Touch and Type Covers but there are some users who might want a case that wraps around the entire tablet.

This week, a new campaign began on Kickstarter to raise money for a Surface Pro case that looks like it will offer owners of the Windows 8 Pro tablet some extra protection and a few new features. It's called the ProKASE and according to its description:

At its core, the ProKASE is a protective enclosure that completely covers the back of the Surface Pro. In addition, the cover can wrap around in either direction, giving you the option to use the ProKASE as you would like to.

The ProKASE will work even with the Surface Touch or Type cover, and the standard version will come in either black soft leather or suede, with a limited red or blue suede cover version also planned. The frame of the ProKASE will be made of durable ABS and high-density polyethylene. Most importantly, it will come with two extra USB ports and two extra microSD card readers.

The Kickstarter campaign is looking for $55,000 to fund the ProKASE, and people who pledge at least $59 will get the ProKASE without the USB or two microSD card readers, or $79 for the full version. People who pledge more money might be able to get some extra SD cards for more storage. If you want to pledge $5,999 or more, ProKASE states, they will " ... make you a one of a kind, 3D printed case to have one of your own great ideas you can hold in your hand and use!"

Source: Kickstarter | Image via ProKASE

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The vents are on the sides (more specifically the back plate is raised off the back of the rest of the unit a few millimeters) and this doesn't look like it blocks the sides.

I thought vents are on all four sides. Surface switches fans depending on how user is holding it. The cover seems to be blocking vents at the "bottom" because it extends onto the USB hub.

USB 2.0 Really? Just add a hub and you got more ports right there . Though its good to see Surface catching on.

Hi Everyone,

I'm one of the developers of the ProKASE. Thanks for the review and also the comments! We've had a lot of feed back from people about additions and design changes, and we welcome them!

The biggest thing we've gotten was the addition of a pen holder so we're going to add it into the case (pictures will go up later this week after a new case is made). Likewise, 2.0's shown in the video and pics boiled down to time and licensing (both of which we couldnt afford at launch time). But please believe me that I personally really want a 3.0 system and if we can get funded, we're going to put it in.

Like we said in the video, we really believe that innovation comes from anyone, so keep the ideas coming!

Thanks for coming on here to post your comment.

It doesn't look as bad as people are making out, and it does have other advantages such as being able to use the Surface at different angles. However I do think it's a bit bulky for the beauty of the actual tablet. I'm just not a case person, have never used a case on my iPhone as imo nothing looks better than the bare glass and metal.

I think things should be concentrated on that people really want... a keyboard (or perhaps case) with an additional battery in. Or a dock, now a dock I would be interested in.

jamieakers said,
Yuck yuck yuck. Totally ruins the aesthetics of the product. A niche product at best.
may as well by a laptop. Bec the Surface is going to be thicker and heavier than even the cheap ugly laptops that cost 1/2 the price.

No offence to the ones who started this, but there must be a way to come up with something more styling. This... Not really....

It doesn't need a case. In fact most tablets don't need a case. Only one does. Just like most phones don't need a case...just one really does. Adding a port replicator or some ugly thick case to the Surface is bad comedy.

I think you should make a detachable port replicator that is for the desk when you are stationary with the Surface. But on the go? Why this? You can get a USB Hub that is thin and light and hook up as many USB devices as you want. That ugly thing isn't worth the investment of a single dollar.

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