This is how Microsoft made its Surface Pro 3 commercial in one shot

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 commercial was made in a single shot and if you are curious how the company made the advertisement, they have posted up a behind the scenes video of the process. The ad spot has been running on network television frequently and has shown up quite a bit during the airing of US games of the World Cup.

As we approach back to school season, we expect to see Microsoft go all-in on the advertisements with the hopes of luring in those who need a new laptop for the upcoming school year.

The Pro 3 went on sale on Friday and Microsoft is offering up a fantastic deal if you own a MacBook Air and are willing to trade it in. Right now, if you take your Air to the Microsoft store, you can get up to $650.00 off the price of a new Pro 3.

Microsoft is already showing that it will be aggressive pushing the Pro 3 with the new trade-in offer, a television advertisement and the web banners that are now running across various networks. While we don't expect Microsoft to announce the number of Surfaces that were sold during the first weekend, as they have not done that with any prior devices, we do think that this is the best Surface they have ever created.

Source: Microsoft

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Oh god, this ad. This was the ad that gave me motion sickness.

I had no idea I had this weakness until this ad made me woozy.

Multiple runs until they got it right, basically.

Honda did the same thing years ago with that commercial with all the car parts as part of a single sequence, and they didn't get it right on the first shot, think it took a considerable number of run-throughs until it all came together.

Cool commercial, definitely, but it won't help 'em very much overall. I think the Surface Pro 3 is a damned fine device, but the price is... well, I know they say it can replace a laptop but, if I'm coughing up that much cash, I'm getting a laptop that can do a whole lot more. ;)

This is really cool! And it's amazing how they can do that all in one shot and make it look so fluid. Love it! I also like how they used the same guy in every commercial to keep it consistent :)

Great commercial, a big improvement over the original "dancer" ad, plus it does show off the portability and all-in-one features that make the SP3 a stand-out.

Yeah the dancing commercial was beyond lame. Bunch of office workers danced in sync... I don't know what they smoke when they make that commercial.

The dancer ads were actually really popular amongst regular consumers. But these ones are better as it appeals to a consumers, tech and business folks.

Never knew that. :) Not sure if I can believe that too. I thought the computer for techie and dancing was not a nerd thing... I find it odd they are mixing oil and water.

Manarift said,
Its a movie term its also known as a long take

Yes, "long take" is what it's called. But you wouldn't say that "long take" was a single take unless it was done on the first try. It's a term to describe a scene done in a single shot. Purely semantics of course, but still. :D

I should say... at least in my understanding of the differences. I'm not an expert, so of course it's possible I'm wrong in which case I'm just an ass, I suppose. :D

Single shot or long take, same difference. The term is used to describe the capture of an entire sequence of events on film/video without having to edit (splice) them together. I may have taken the 40+ attempts, but the final result is from "Action" to "Cut".