This just in from Microsoft: No Zune in June

A few hours ago we reported that someone from Microsoft was reportedly tweeting some hints at a possible June release for a new device. We've been speaking with company officials all morning, and there seems to have been a big mix-up.

The Office 2010 Movie Website accidentally posted a link to a fake Twitter account on their website. The account in question is @officethemovie, which is not an official Microsoft operated Twitter account.

The Zune HD is not scheduled to be out until later this year. Not only that, if Microsoft was close to releasing something this big, we would have already reported it by now. Brian Seitz, a product manager on the Zune team, has confirmed to Neowin that a new Zune device is not going to be released in June.

The news was good while it lasted, so all you Zune lovers around the world are going to have to wait a few more months before getting the new Zune HD. On a side note if you're following @officethemovie, you need to un-follow and follow @Office2010Movie (Which is the real Office 2010 Microsoft operated Twitter account).

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I'm the former Iraqi Prime Minister :-)

Too many rumours on the Internet these days and most relating to these bloody phones. iPhone, Zune and Pre-Palm or whatever it is called. Don't believe anything until you see an official announcement!

someone from Microsoft was reportedly tweeting some hints at a possible June release for a new device

What kind of twit tweets lies on twitter?

I am shocked and appalled... People still visit Twitter?!

Sailorcancer said,
So... Office the movie is a REAL Microsoft website? But the Twitter they linked was not?

Yeap. I bet the person who mixed it up is feeling pretty foolish now

This is the real story: Office 2010: The Movie is such a lame and pathetic marketing attempt run by utter nitwits that they linked to a Twitter account that they thought was official without peaking over their cubicles and going, "So which of you is this guy? We did approve this, right? Somebody raise your hand because it would be really stupid if we linked to some fanboy in his garage making up rumors! Hey, these are good rumors -- if they're true -- anyone know if they're true? What are we marketing again? I like Twitter."

Come on, people. A minor error in total, but on close examination a strong indicator of major clusterfck-dom at Microsoft.

Did it really make sense to anybody when they first heard it? A new device in June with practically no announcements, marketing, or hype for it so far?

Usually these things fall in line right around the holiday season. Seasonal sales are hard to match in a month like June.

ShawnB said,
This just in... Not everyone on Twitter is who they claim to be! I fell for it too though.

In fairness the account was linked on the official site. It's not like people saw some account called b1ll g4tes and thought it was really him.