This might be OnePlus' smartwatch, the OneWatch

While the OnePlus One is still fairly difficult to obtain, it looks like the company might be heading in a new direction with its latest product. Although this has not been officially released or confirmed by the company, it looks like the next step for OnePlus will be a smartwatch. 

According to BGR, they have obtained what is purported to be images of the OneWatch. This device shares similar features to the Moto 360, utilizing a circular watch face that is more akin to traditional timepieces. The smartwatch will also have a sapphire OLED display, titanium bezel, and a leather strap.

In the sketches it indicates that the strap will house a curved battery that will be able to be charged using Qi wireless charging technology. If this is the case, that means that standard watch straps for personal customization might not be an option. There is no mention of what OS this will be running, but lets hope that it will utilize Google's latest wearable platform, Android Wear.

Although this device might be a hoax, at least we can rely on Motorola to deliver something similar in the coming months. The Moto 360 will make its debut by the end of summer. The device will have Google's Android Wear OS, which is also running on the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. 

Source: BGR | Image via BGR 

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Shouldn't they fix their awful returns policy, and demand for their phone before they start pissing around with this?

I got one and I didn't howl. I just waited and then one day I got one. It is a very nice phone. A watch would be a perfect companion.

Oh can you hear the howls on their on website forum section? People clamoring for the phone they can't get, and here they are thinking of a watch? The watch should have a feature that lets you know when it is your turn to buy a phone.

Sketches of my $999 time machine I am developing for release in 1Q 2015 are available if Neowin is interested in publishing them...

An image of a regular watch with a Photoshopped OnePlus logo on the back of it and some sketches from Annoymous person is news? Really Neowin? Why would you repost this crap from BGR?

Edited by 01Michael10, Jul 31 2014, 7:06pm :

What? They're trying to make a smartwatch when they can't even keep up with invite-only demands? The OnePlus One has been a big let down in terms of availability and I don't understand why would they make a smartwatch at a time like this.

Due to how they conduct business I'll be hastily avoiding anything to do with spamming my friends and jumping through countless hoops for a chance to buy one.

burritodave said,

...and in the darkness bind them*

(*except the watches might have the little Indiglo lights.)

I was thinking something like, "and in the android, bind them!" But, it was close to being an epic combo =).

Scabrat said,

I was thinking something like, "and in the android, bind them!" But, it was close to being an epic combo =).

If the battery life is poor, you could say:

...and in the charger, find them.


burritodave said,

If the battery life is poor, you could say:

...and in the charger, find them.


LOL! I didnt think of that. That is good =). Hopefully the battery isnt bad though =). But, what is bad? 12 hours? 24? 48?