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Midomi. Try to remember that name, chances are it will come in handy when you can't figure out which song is stuck in your head. The technology allows searching for a song by typing the song title or artist as well as by singing, humming or whistling a bit of the tune. The beta site launches Friday and offers search results that include commercially recorded tracks or versions of the song recorded by others who have used the site. The technology also lets people listen to the exact section of each of the results that matched their voice sample.

Melodis, the company behind the site, has licensed 2 million digital tracks for purchasing and currently has a user base of about 12,000. Users can create profiles and rate one other's performances on the ad-supported site. The underlying speech- and sound-recognition technology, dubbed Multimodal Adaptive Recognition System (MARS), differs from similar technologies in that it analyzes various factors including pitch, tempo variation, speech content and location of pauses, said Chief Executive Keyvan Mohajer, who has a Ph.D. in sound- and speech-recognition from Stanford University.

I expect this system to go big because it can really fill a niche. For it to succeed, the technology has to be exceptional, the site name has to be easy to remember (at least it is short) and there can't be any loading issues. Who wants to bet Google buys them out?

Link: Midomi | Forum Discussion (Thanks Jaxius)
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I am just wondering how it works for people who have no sense at all of pitch or melody?
Especially considering it says...

it analyzes various factors including pitch, tempo variation, speech content and location of pauses

So what if any one of the millions of the horrible singers out there try it?

we'll just have to hope they only sing at Idol auditions

I tried it a few times and it didn't work. You'd have better luck typing a line into google and adding '+lyrics'

Interesting.., theres a similar service thats operates in the UK but i think its only on mobiles, called SHAZAM which tells you the song by listening to a 30sec clip or something, this seems more advanced tho..

This technology seems like it would be pretty useful for an occasional situation. However, I'm afraid that unless bookmarked, I doubt anyone is going to run to this site or re-call it when all they have is the notion of a few notes synced together in their head.

But without a doubt, great use of technology to fill the little voids that occur in almost everyone's life at one time or another.