Thousands of idiots still infected by SirCam

The Nimda worm might be the worst virus at the desktop level but SirCam continues to be the most widely circulated email-borne virus.

That's the conclusion we draw from September statistics on viruses blocked by MessageLabs, a managed service provider that scans its users email for viruses.

MessageLabs blocked 143,949 emails containing SirCam, originating from 18,700 different email addresses, (belonging to individuals whose service should be suspended by ISPs until they clean their act up, we reckon).

Top ten viruses blocked by MessageLabs in September

01. SirCam

02. Magistr-A

03. Magistr-B (Magistr variant)

04. Hybris-B (Hybris variant)

05. Apost

06. BadTrans.A

07. LoveLetter.A

08. MTX

09. Kak.A

10. Nimda.A

News source: The Reg

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