'Titanfall' developer didn't know game would be Xbox One exclusive forever

Respawn Games, the developer of "Titanfall" comprised of former "Call of Duty" staffers, says it didn't know the Xbox One game would forever be an exclusive to the Microsoft console, also implying future games in the series will be multiplatform.

Vince Zampella, a co-founder of the developer, took to his Twitter account to reveal that the studio initially thought the game was merely going to be a timed exclusive. Instead, he said, the game's publisher made a deal with Microsoft without Respawn's knowledge.

When asked by a fan if future games from the studio would come to Sony's PlayStation 4 console, Zampella seemed to imply that future installments of the game would likely be released on multiple platforms. Currently, "Titanfall" is scheduled for release on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

The exact nature of exclusivity for the game had been the subject of much debate until recently, when EA announced it would only come to Microsoft's consoles and PCs. Microsoft is well known for agreeing to exclusivity arrangements for third-party games, with some – such as the Gears of War franchise – remaining exclusive, while others – such as the Mass Effect franchise – later being released on multiple platforms.

So far, many of the announced Xbox One exclusives – including "Titanfall," "Dead Rising 3," "Ryse: Son of Rome," "Quantum Break" and "Sunset Overdrive" – come from third-party developers. Microsoft has several well-known titles in development itself – such as the next Halo game, "Fable Legends," "Kinect Sports Rivals," "Killer Instinct" and "Forza Motorsports 5" – though many may not be released until well after the Xbox One launches.

Source: Vince Zampella (Twitter) via Kotaku | Image via EA

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Spicoli said,
I don't see what the big deal is. There's far more games than any normal person has time to play, so why worry about a couple not being available on your hardware?

Fair enough, but it all depends if it is a game that you really like, or a franchise that you've followed closely in the past that was multi-platform...

It wasn't so much a problem last generation, but in the past, some franchise releases would be exclusive to one console or another, locking gamers out of that game...

That is clearly not done for the gamers benefit. lol

this is why im buying an xbox one, yall can complain that this is an evil act but in the end its business and Microsoft has the money to pull this over time over time again. For its loyal users of course.

Even if he was under the belief that Titanfall was only a timed exclusive, wouldn't development for the PS4 version have usually begun around the same time when it comes to both consoles? I find what this guy is tweeting that he only recently found out, very hard to believe, especially so close to the launch of the game.

Lately I get the impression anyone can make any kind of negative or flameworthy claim these days regarding MS products with little or no info to back them up.

I honestly believe that, because Microsoft was willing to be the sacrifice for DRM, they will continue to get perks from the big publishers. EA is even blatant with it, not even trying to hide it. all these developers got to dump the Online pass and Microsoft was willing to take all the bad publicity for them.
I may sound like a conspiracy theorists, but the signs are showing. especially with EA.

Microsoft isn't innocent by any means, but the DRM feature benefitted publishers as much as it did Microsoft. And I believe they will all return the favor back to Redmond WA, in their own subtle ways...

What are you talking about?

"We cancelled Online Pass. I was at the meeting. It just wasn't resonating with the consumer. It just wasn't consumer friendly."

"I have been present at all of them, with all of the manufacturers, saying you must put a system in place that allows us to take a piece of the action or even stop it. Absolutely incorrect.”

Both statements from EA. Anyway, how is the DRM conversation relevant here? What perk is there to releasing on only one console? You're missing out on half the money.

And you trust EA of all companies? and the DRM attempt will always be relevant. Not for us the consumer, but it will be for the publisher.

I believe Respawn, when they said they didn't know EA had done this behind their backs.

I just don't see the benefit to EA for having an exclusive. And no, you should never trust anything any company says unless it's "I want money"

There is no benefit for EA. they are repaying Microsoft for the DRM attempt. As the X1 life rolls on, you will see other perks that Microsoft will receive, that just dont make sense.

Why is FIFA Ultimate team exclusive to the One?.. especially in Europe, where Playstation is just as popular as Xbox.

EA is just blatant about it. That's all.

Geezy said,
There's just too much money to be made from a cross-platform release for EA to ignore.

until you look at the cost of re-jiggering the cloud.
This will set the next generation of gaming apart.

What does the cloud have to do with it? Are you referring to the servers that are hosting the game? How is that difficult, online isn't new.

If MS are really smart, they'll sign a deal to make the entire series X1 exclusive. The next-gen systems are too close to each other (in terms of specs), we need more exclusive titles to break them apart. That is my thinking anyway...

Games will be multi-platform for sure. Titanfall, is the result of Respawm giving too juice to EA (next time Zampella may want to get a lawyer, who actually read the fine print, on EA's contract)

It will be subtle things that will favor Microsoft. Not only is FIFA free for Europe, but if anyone around the globe, limes doing the ultimate team thing (which a TON of people love doing) the only way to do so is a Xbox One.

And Kinect support will probably baked into games, where Kinect shouldn't be present at all.

Just throwing it out there.

Titanfall looks OK, i don't think its amazing. There's too many shooting games.
Halo was great, now its boring.. and they will do the same to Titalfall, there will be Titanfall 8 if MS get their way.

Fine by me.. I am buying PS4 for Killzone, Drive Club, The Crew, and other amazing looking games. Titanfall just didn't do anything for me.

Don't talk logic or even common sense to me! I'm against everyone and everything that isn't of pure blood like me! People dare to like something else, people dare to think differently, not in my country, and soon we will take the whole world....

Well to be honest the developer should have known this, as they are the developers and they have the right to know which console's to develop for. This is what happens when you jump in bed with EA.

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