'Titanfall' Xbox 360 release delayed to April 8

The Xbox One version of Titanfall looks like this; there have been no screenshots from the Xbox 360 version released.

While the sci-fi multiplayer shooter "Titanfall" has been a big critical success for Microsoft's Xbox One console, the game is taking a bit longer to come out for its older brother, the Xbox 360. Today, publisher Electronic Arts announced that the Xbox 360 port will be delayed yet again by two more weeks.

Previously, the Xbox 360 version was supposed to come out on March 11, the same day as the Xbox One and PC ports, but was later delayed to March 25. Today, EA EVP Patrick Soderlund stated in a blog post that "Titanfall" for the Xbox 360 will be released on April 8 in the U.S. and April 11 in Europe.

Soderlund says he has been playing the Xbox 360 version and thinks it is "fantastic," though he adds, "we see a few things that can be made even better." The new delay also means that the game won't be released in time to make EA's financial results for its January-March 2014 quarter.

While the Xbox One and PC versions of "Titanfall" were developed by the game's creators at Respawn Entertainment, the Xbox 360 port is being handled by another team, Bluepoint Games. So far, EA has yet to release any media from the Bluepoint version and has elected not to offer any previews of the game to the press, at least so far.

Source: EA | Image via Respawn

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Me either. I thought they had a hard enough job as it was getting it optimized for the XO. Suddenly, you throw a 360 in the mix...

Smart move for sure. Better off releasing a game with more of the bugs ironed out. Win win for everyone there.

This game is from EA. They release BF4 and SimCity in buggy almost unusable states, everyone would be very wise to hold off buying this game until it is proven to actually work.
Wait at least several weeks as EA has proven time and time again they will rush unfinished products to market.

Game is released buggy "typical EA, throwing out buggy products just get more sales, sometimes developers need more time".

Game is released is delayed to fix issues "EA delaying game to get Microsoft more sales".

I really don't think it's been delayed to help sell Xbox One's. Titanfall will probably ship more copies on the Xbox 360 than the PC or Xbox One. Battlefield 4 sold 2.69m copies on the Xbox 360, 0.85m copies on the PC and 1.2m on the Xbox One. What is EA's motivation to intentionally delay Titanfall on the 360?

Edited by Gaffney, Mar 19 2014, 2:46pm :

Honestly, to hell with the people who hate EA. They are probably the most inconsistent bunch of folks I've ever seen. They only hate EA when it's convenient, "boycotting" their games until there's a game they want that's backed by EA. Then all of a sudden, they're saying, "Oh, well EA is only the publisher..." as if to somehow dust their hypocrisy off like it's no big deal.

I'm not saying we should love EA or anything of the sort. I'd just like people to cut the crap and call it like it is: bad decision here, good decision there. Support the things they do right and quit throwing your money at the things they do wrong, and maybe, just maybe, they'll have a better picture painted for them as to what we as gamers want.

(This isn't directed at you, Gaffney, just adding my experience to what you were saying)

I think EAs motivation on delaying Titanfall is because Sim City release was rushed and they paid for it. Battle Field 4 had some problems they needed to iron out and got some bad press for it. So they are saying, "Hey, lets wait a bit, make sure it runs great, THEN release it..." I am glad they are doing it. I also heard they launched Titanfall on xbone with beta graphics and will patch the real ones in soon. I think that is great too. Make sure the game runs on launch is the best decision you can make I think =).

On a side note, I did boycott BF4 because they had day 1 dlc. I shouldnt have to pre-order to get full content on day one and if content is purchasable on day one PUT IT IN THE GAME! =) I did get Titanfall on PC though and have really liked it =).

It's pretty obvious both delays were made to promote One sales. Now that the new delay pushes the 360 release into EA's second quarter, I imagine that makes the EA suits happy too. Strong numbers across multiple quarters always goes over well at investor meetings. Either that, or Bluepoint Games is royally fraking up the port, and it's going to be awful.

I don't know which reason is worse.

There is always the possibility that optimising it to run well enough on the 360 is proving to be more difficult than initially thought

except for the fact that its a different team porting it altogether so its going to take more time. If they really wanted to get more one sales they would of delayed pc and 360. Its been stated by respawn that the other team was having trouble maintaining 30fps on the 360 and is why the delay

Lord Method Man said,
Just trying to get more people to buy an Xbox One to play it instead.

Because the price of an XBone is totally worth the couple of days you get to play the game earlier...

So many games get delayed that its a bit for fatched to come to such a conclusion.

theyarecomingforyou said,
Indeed. It really isn't a subtle strategy.

OR... EA finally realized they shouldnt release garbage and want to make sure the game performs adequately on the 360...

Or have you considered that the XB1/PC version raised the graphical bar (not to mention the playability bar) to the point that the porting developer (not Respawn) dragged their effort back to the garage for more improvements? Let's look at three facts (all drawn from the launch).

Fact One - Other than back-end issues (which weren't as bad as expected), Titanfall/XB1 was a smash success - from both graphics and playability standpoints.

Fact Two - If anything, Titanfall (PC) was an even bigger success. x64-only proved to be rather easily clearable (as was the rest of the minimums).

Fact Three - X360 can now be bested by pretty ordinary PCs as a gaming platform - and that INCLUDES portables.

Forced Observation - It is not just XB1 vs. PS4 vs. PC; it is now X360 vs. portable PC (as a side-event). Basically, X360 now has to challenge, and beat decisively, portable PCs to remain relevant from a gaming standpoint going forward.