Today's Surface RT update to fix more WiFi bugs in tablet

A few weeks ago, Microsoft promised to offer more software updates for its Surface family of hardware products, including the Windows RT-based Surface RT tablet. One of the most long standing issues with the Surface RT has been with its WiFi connectivity. Today, Microsoft plans to issue a new software update to the tablet that concentrates on fixing some WiFi-related issues.

In a post on the Surface RT update history page, Microsoft says this newest software release, issued as part of its monthly "Patch Tuesday" event will fix some unnamed "Limited connectivity" issues with the tablet. This particular problem is something that has plagued the Surface RT ever since it was launched in late October.

In addition, Microsoft's update history page says the April software release will improve the WiFi on the Surface Pro so it can now "handle a wide range of access points." Finally, this update is supposed to fix system crashes in the hardware that have been"caused by certain Wi-Fi issues."

The Surface RT is now sold in 24 countries around the world, including Russia where it went on sale last week. It's far more available than the Windows 8 Pro-based Surface Pro product which at the moment is only sold in the US, Canada and China.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Lame as the Surface Pro has the same Limited connectivity bug as the RT. Hopefully the Pro gets a real fix for this.

It could be a Win8 issue because other devices have reported the same thing, so the fix may be the same across all of them. I haven't encountered any limited connectivity since the last update, hopefully this one will continue the good performance.

I really hope the Wi-Fi performance issues have been resolved. Getting 300-400 KBps (kilobytes, not kilobits) per second out of a pure 802.11n environment is absurd. My 6 year old Dell with an 802.11n adapter sees around 9MBps doing the same file transfer.