Too good to ignore: 6 alternative browsers

Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari lead the market, but there are other browsers out there for PC and Mac users. Which are better from these 'lesser-known' browsers ?

When Microsoft, Mozilla or Apple comes out with a new version of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, it makes news,mainly because most of us use one or more of these three Web browsers. In fact, with the exception of Google's Chrome (which made a big splash, mostly because it came from Google), most of the alternative browsers out there tend to get lost in the shuffle.And it's too bad, because some of these relatively unknown browsers are good, and could be better for some users than the ones they're using now.

ComputerWorld has come out with an excellent article which puts these 'lesser-known' browsers out for a spin and see how they do. The browsers compared were :

Which is the best? It all depends on what you need from a browser!

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Like the article says, it all depends on your present needs in a browser. I use IE7 for updates thru MS and then I use Flock for my Stumbleupon needs and still I use Firefox 3.0.

I see 2 types of people that use Browsers here, We have the Coders and the Users. Coders are hard core and they are always trying to squeeze out the last lines of code into a browser, sometimes these Hard core coders are the ones that bring out the Presents to all of us. The users are the ones that need to be Happy but still we yearn for more features then what is presently available. We need to get our Wants and Needs down and then present this to the coders.

So of all these wonderful "lesser known" browsers, only two are for PC users, and one is not really "lesser known" (Opera) and it offers absolutely nothing that the dominating browsers do not provide.

FireFox has a couple of interesting features but to this day no browser offers anything significantly better than Internet Explorer. But for all the biased Microsoft haters out there who can't see past their own ignorance, well, that's who these browsers are for.

Here's an idea: If you want to really tear people away from Internet Explorer offer them something new or different. What a concept!

opera offers something I struggle to live without, fully customizable interface, I can have my bars and buttons wherever i like, try that with FF or IE or for that matters any other browser, hope you know XML really well for FF as an example.

Opera its all point+click, something that honestly you CANT do on other browsers

honestly, try making FF or IE or Safari or Chrome look like that, good luck :)

and plugins/extensions=unneeded with opera, most of the features people i know add via them are built in by default with opera, such as email client, irc client, rss/news client, hell even a torrent client!!!!

FF and the rest are STILL copying features OPERA HAS HAD FOR YEARS/FROM THE START.

also opera is the MOST SECURE BROWSER PERIOD!!!! do some reasearch you will find that this is 100% true

I just checked out Blackbird, and seriously? Is that real? If it is, where's my caucasion (sp?) browser? or my male browser? or my geek browser? I just do not understand why.

Opera is definitely the most complete browser out of the box.
Been using it since v7 and its getting better and better.
V9 is fast, but v10 is damn fast.

techbeck said,
Maxthon is not a browser really since it uses and sits on top of IE.

Maxthon "sits on top of" the trident engine... the same as firefox "sits on top of" the gecko engine

people are tend to use what others are using. web marketing is a big factor here.
remember how firefox started, " dont hurt the web, use standard" that was a big blow.
look now, Goggle has started advertising its browser, this page also got one in the bottom, see. And it will have good market share as Firefox.
how many of the firefox users use Plugin? then why they use it. whats the difference between default firefox and IE. even nowdays we have to write code for IE6 and its not gonna change soon.

do u need functionalities
the default look of Opera and functionality is same like every other browser.
what firefox got itself ( dont count on plugin )

Don't count plugins? Why not? That's one of the biggest reasons I (and many many others) won't leave Firefox to begin with! Every feature found on other browsers can simply be recreated too!

"Oh, but it isn't as polished etc etc..."

It works just as good, depending on the developer. In some cases, even improve upon features introduced through other browsers. Granted, this isn't the work of Mozilla, but why limit yourself otherwise?

I'm not saying Opera isn't decent itself, but don't sit there and exclude one of Firefox's biggest features simply to try and make Opera look better. People will use what suits their needs best.

You know, if the browser is good people will start using it. The reason why you don't know much about these other browsers is mainly because they lack features, are on Macintosh, don't look good, are based on other browsers or are just not good/user friendly enough when browsing. That is my opinion.

You can keep your Firefox and your IE. Opera has been my browser of choice for some time now. I love that it has a mail client and a BitTorrent client built in. Not forgetting the built-in mouse gestures which I struggle to be without these days.

Then there's the speed. Opera 9 is damned fast already, but the preview edition of Opera 10 is stunning in how fast it's rendering the pages, as well as it finally having a built-in spell-checker. Finally!

Yes, I know it doesn't have great market share, and yes, I know it doesn't have the plugins that Firefox has. And yet, I still love it for what it is - just a really good web browser.

Also I believe the speed of the browser also depends on your system config. For me Opera (and my beloved Firefox) are slow as a wet week, while IE7/8 are slightly faster. Safari is the speed king on my system, that browsers is near instant.

Camino: Why not Firefox?
Opera: Too complex UI and settings. I don't need Opera Mail, I use GMail/ Live Mail/ Yahoo! Mail.
Shiira: Still need improvement on tabs.

Just my two cents.

Taufiq Ahmed said,
whats the difference betwen Firefox and Opera's UI
i think you should use IE6

No. You're better with IE4, it's the best browser around IMO.


I personally like IE7 given it has IE7Pro plugin. Tho I do use Firefox on the side. I never liked Opera and Maxathon runs the IE browser, just cleaned up with more features.

Good article btw

The_Decryptor said,
Maxthon: It's IE with a different toolbar.

I think the phrase you are looking for is "IE with lipstick" :-)