Toolbox app for Windows 8 adds Notes and Stopwatch

One of the more popular and best reviewed of the apps made especially for Windows 8 and RT has been Toolbox from developer VectorForm. The app combines a number of different "tools" in one location, including Facebook, Web, Calculator, Unit Converter, Voice Notes, Notifier, World Clock, Weather and Doodle. The app lets users interact with six of these "tools" at once, which gets around the limited number of apps that can normally be run at once in the Modern UI. VectorForm said there's been over 460,000 downloads of ToolBox since it went live.

Today VectorForm released a new update for Toolbox that adds two more mini-apps to the mix. One is a simple stopwatch; the other is Notes, which is also the first tool in the app that is an in-app purchase at $1.99. VectorForm states:

The ability to take notes was one of the most requested utilities for Windows 8 users. The note-taking tool allows users to create notes and manage multiple sets of notes simultaneously. Notes are synced to the user’s Microsoft account, can be accessed across different devices and easily shared to SkyDrive and Mail. In addition to keyboard and touch input, Surface Pro users will be able to utilize the pressure-sensitive pen for a more natural hand-written experience when using Notes.

Source: VectorForm | Image via VectorForm

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This is a great app. Hopefully MS do something like this for future Windows. Just give is the ability to drag and drop our own metro apps inside a holder of some sort. Running one app full screen on a 24 inch monitor is just a waste.

As you know I'm a big Windows 8 fan, but do we really need a front page news article for a single app being released? Its not even a big name app like Facebook.

A weekly roundup of notable new releases would be more appropriate I think.

Care to elaborate? Nobody forced you to read the article, so, what's your point? Why don't you just run your own little blog and make sure that you don't post anything somebody else may not be interested in?

don't know why you clicked on it in the first place....
I don't have to read it let alone click on the article, you know.

It normally gets on my tits (really, really gets on my tits), when people bitch and moan about what news is posted to the front page, but in this case, I think TCLN Ryster has a valid point.

An update to some random app is front page news worthy? Really? I mean, it's not even Sunday!

How many apps get updated per month? Per week even!? I have no idea, but I don't expect to see a front page news article about each and every one.

More interesting to me, is that SONOS have just updated their desktop app, and with it, their Android and iOS apps.

I wouldn't expect that to make the front page, but I would put it's eligibility on a par with this article.

You say that nobody forced us to read this article, but the simple fact that it is front page news, leads you to believe that it contains some major news that is worth reading about.

It's only once you start reading that it begins to dawn on you, that you may have been sucked in to reading some crap that you don't give two ****s about.

That being said, it does sound like an interesting app (though looks horrendously grey and bland from the single image above), so I will check it out, but shouldn't it have been placed in 'Latest in Software'?

This opinion was brought to you (in part), by two bottles of vino.


the title pretty much gives it away that it's an update.... "...adds...."

so, it's not as if you really could have been fooled or tricked into clicking on the article only to later find out, after reading, that the article is about something else.

DARKFiB3R said,
It normally gets on my tits (really, really gets on my tits), when people bitch and moan about what news is posted to the front page, but in this case, I think TCLN Ryster has a valid point.

I agree.

There is a Software section for software releases. This comes off like an advertorial; maybe it is.