Top 11 Dumbest Web Site Decisions

OK, the article was originally called Top 10 Dumbest Web Site Decisions, but I felt the article couldn't be run without our own #11.

Kalena Jordan writes: Having worked with web sites for the past eleven years, I've seen a LOT of errors, poor judgment and embarrassing gaffs on the web. Sometimes they are the fault of the client, the web designer, the IT Manager, or the SEO, but human error is always to blame. The saddest thing is that the problems are usually preventable.

Here is a list of what I consider to be the Top 11 dumbest web site decisions ever, in reverse order, David Letterman style:

11) March 2003, Microsoft Speaks, site goes dark. In an uncommonly harsh application of a widely used Internet enforcement tool, a Windows news site was taken offline for nearly 24 hours after Microsoft accused the site of infringing its copyrights.

Neowin was shut down late Thursday and came back online Friday afternoon.

Microsoft's Internet investigator sent a takedown notice on Tuesday, alleging the site was infringing the company's copyrights relating to its recently released Windows XP Peer-to-Peer Software Development Kit (SDK), apparently due to a message posted by a reader in an online feedback forum. (Source: CNet)

In this instance, our host who shall remain nameless was so scared of Microsofts legal team that he deleted the entire Neowin website from their server. We were forced to use a 3 month old backup of the site. Needless to say, we back up more often now.

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I remember when Neowin was down- this is one of my favorite sites. I check here daily, and felt lost when it was down.

I still have the links saved to some forums used in the interim. Always been a big fan, for a long time now.

5. Taking a site offline for maintenance?

I used to use for my e-mails and I was given that message "Site is under maintenance. Please try again later." at least one per month! Darn, that was by far the worst e-mail service I've used and now, I've been using Yahoo for a few years now and am impressed!

How about Neowin's decision to allow the display of HTML entities to be corrupted on their own front page?

& # 39 ; [without the spaces], for example.

Very interesting. Everyone knows that corporate America has a lot of not-too-bright folks out there. Dilbert may be a comic, but a lot of it is based on reality! That's why I can't understand why all these websites argue how lame Windows Vista is by talking about how corporations are hurrying up to use it. That's just not a good argument...

12 ) Macromedia flash :
-A startup webpage or you could say, deleting from search engine and annoying slow connection users.
-A banner that load every time that you change of page.
-a 100% flash page... nothing to say that the page is just for ONE RESOLUTION and back/refresh button will not work correctly.

13 ) Microsoft and search features... just try to search something on, truly you will find plenty of links, many of them unrelated with the topic, other inexistent.

14 ) Copypasta protection, just lets the users can copy and paste part of the webpage.

15 ) Webpages with a lot of animated gif, midi and overcolored theme.

find it fascinating that very large sites run by intelligent people still get taken offline for maintenance on a regular basis. Search engines don't understand the "Back in 15 minutes" sign and the longer the site is down, the bigger the risk.

hehe... gota love Apple....

neufuse said,

hehe... gota love Apple....

some how, like Microsoft, Ford, etc, Apples not going to be too bothered or affected by their search rankings